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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

We are close to our goal

The definition of our strategic plan 2018-2022 is getting closer, we have completed an 75% of the process!

We are close to our goal

SANTO DOMINGO. TO eight months of the start of the works of planning for 2018-2022 period, we are in a closing stage in which everything we propose in the Work tables, workshops y strategic meetings it is translated to the goals and objectives of each operational unit of the university.

As the Director of Planning and Quality, Alfredo Vicioso, indicated, at the moment the Technical Commission of the Strategic Plan 2018-2022 It is meeting with the vice-rectories and the different instances of the university, to validate the indicators of each one, making the adjustments of place to establish the goals and commitments for the next five years.

Next, he said, the Technical documentation with a view to the approval session of the Strategy before members of the Board of Regents, a meeting that is expected to take place in the middle of this month of May.

“After eight months of hard work, I can say that we have achieved the goals we wanted so far. It has been a participatory construction from the formation of the commission and the opening of the workshops, tables and work sessions, with students, teachers, employees, graduates and external experts ”, said Vicioso.

Nelson Sanabia, member of the Technical Commission representing the Planning and Quality Directorate, added that the community has participated in a curious way, in the sense that they propose innovative ideas, which have been taken into account ”, he said.

The great challenge that the team must overcome, after the approval of the strategy, is the diffusion of everything agreed upon, and create the mechanisms that will allow achieving the objectives of transparency y rendición de cuentas on the progress of compliance with the goals.

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