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The future of Dominican scientific journals

Lucero Arboleda, director of the INTEC Library, raises the need to promote as a country the free access to these publications through new technologies, during the tribute to the directors of the Science and Society magazine

The future of Dominican scientific journals

SANTO DOMINGO. The director of the Library Emilio Rodríguez Demorizi of INTEC and member of the Editorial Board of the Science and Society magazine, Lucero Arboleda, raised the need to strengthen the Open Access or Free Access movement, at a time when economic, social, political and cultural globalization permeates the development of science.

"Under the intense development of globalized communication technology, a network publishing industry emerges, which, while promoting and expanding the publication of scientific articles, does not only represent the dissemination of scientific knowledge, but also profits for publishers and expenses for authors" , affirmed Arboleda. "Strengthening Free Access must be a slogan for all Latin Americans."

The librarian indicated that "The future of the Dominican scientific journal should be looked at through initiatives that, like the repositories, seek to promote free access to literature produced from the teaching and research carried out by our universities. Always keeping in mind that although the evolution of the academic journal has generated unprecedented changes in its production, the institutional support, the professionalization of the editorial work and the quality remain as unavoidable elements in the successful publishing projects ".

In this regard, he cited the case of regional initiatives such as Scielo, whose acronym means (Electronic Scientific Library). They have adopted editorial quality criteria, to the extent that some journals have been incorporated or edited directly by publishing companies such as Elsevier and Thomson Reuters. SciELO Citation Index integrates a subset of the SciELO collection, accessible through the Thomson Reuters platform.

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Recognition of Directors of Science and Society, 40 years

The university paid tribute to the past directors of the magazine Ciencia y Sociedad as part of the celebration activities of the 40 anniversary of the only Dominican publication of scientific articles that has been published continuously for four decades.

Collaborators and directors of the magazine participated in a luncheon in which recognition plaques were presented to Miguel Ángel Heredia Bonetti (director 1975-1977), Manuel M. Ortega (1977-1979), José Mármol (1987-1990) and to the relatives by Antonio Fernández, In memoriam (1993-2011). The trajectory and contribution of Jorge Max Fernandez (1979-1980), Juan Luis Abascal (1981-1987) and José Ramón Albaine Pons (1990-1993) were also remembered. The recognition of Fernandez was received by his wife Brisilda Contreras.

"This important publication has been, since its creation in the year 1975, soul, mirror and bridge of the conceptual pillars that gave rise to the university in 1971, among which stand out the academic excellence, the thought as a critical instrument, transformer and conscience ethics of society, as well as scientific research and cultural projection, "said José Mármol, Vice President of Public Relations of Banco Popular, during his speech on behalf of the recognized directors.

Rector Rolando Guzmán highlighted the significance of the magazine Ciencia y Sociedad for the Dominican university community.

In the meeting, organized by the Research and Linking Vice-rectory of INTEC, Andrea Paz, director of the Research Division, Ramón Fari Rosario, editor of the magazine Ciencia y Sociedad, as well as members of the magazine's National Advisory Board, participated. Editorial Committee, representing the academic areas of INTEC, representatives of MESCYT and Dominican universities.

The magazine was founded by Miguel Ángel Heredia Bonetti, Manuel José Cabral, Luis Eduardo Tonos, Gustavo Volmar, Maximiliano Arturo Jiménez Sabater, Rafael Toribio, Manuel Cocco, Rafael Corominas Pepín, María Margarita Jiménez, Rafael Marión-Landais and José Joaquín Puello, who , with their will and integrity, they germinated the seed and helped to strengthen it.

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