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Editora INTEC publishes "Esas cartas", authorship of Matos Diedoné

Based on a true story, the work recounts the anguish and vicissitudes of love that unites two young people through chance and the secret plot of destiny

Editora INTEC publishes "Esas cartas", authorship of Matos Diedoné Manuel Matos Diedoné, author of "Esasa Cartas" while forming a copy of the book, during the release of the book.

Santo Domingo. The INTEC editorial fund of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo He published on Tuesday, February 12 the novel Those Letters, based on a true story about the limitations and adventures that love engenders in the youth stage. The book is the first paper publication of Professor Manuel Matos Diedoné.

The event was an enlivened encounter with an artistic presentation that combined mimes and songs in the Julio Ravelo Room of the Institution's Fountain, María Amalia León de Jorge, director of the Lux Mundi School, commented on the work before teachers, authorities, friends and family present.

The book tells the story of a fanatical religious mother who forces her daughter Juliana to marry Antonio, a friend of one of her children, and a brother who is indifferent to Juliana. Antonio had been the name that Juliana did not want to include in a card divination game that her friend Vicky improvised as a distraction after an afternoon of university studies and assignments. A sister who hides a rape and a father little integrated into the family make these letters a human, instructive and realistic text.

About the Author
Originally from Sánchez, Samaná, Manuel Matos Diedoné graduated in Education, Mention of Arts and Philosophy (specialty in Language and Literature) from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD); has a specialty in University Teaching from the Catholic University Santo Domingo (UCSD) and a Master of Science from Nova Southeastern University, United States. In the INTEC he teaches as a teacher of the subjects Communication in Spanish Language and Research Methodology.

About the work Diedoné affirms that love does not always win but life does. "She is made of happiness and sorrows and when that happens we are more human, we reach wisdom" he stressed. For him, the publication is "a piece of life, a harsh warning that limiting is killing, and a journey from fiction to reality and vice versa".

Diedoné has published three books on electronic support: Miss Anita (stories whose main characters are women), Hostos' wife (story) and Lamore (love novel).

Currently working on story books, pending publication: "Alchemy of desire" (stories), "Game of equals" and "The daughter of Lungan": a novel on the Haitian theme and poems "Some: exercises of tenderness". He works on two children's books "Ely and the rain" and "La Garza María".

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