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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Health Sciences Building "Ana Mercedes Henríquez"

The university baptized the building with the name of the renowned Dominican teacher, scientist and environmentalist after a consultation to the national medical community and its professors, collaborators, students and graduates

Health Sciences Building

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) announced that its new Health Sciences building will receive the name of Dr. Ana Mercedes Henríquez, a renowned Dominican teacher, scientist and environmentalist.

The decision was made fruit of an open and participative process, in which the national medical community and the students, professors, collaborators, and graduates of the INTEC were invited to present personalities proposals, which were considered by a jury that decided to honor the Dr. Henríquez.

The members of the jury, made up of the rector, all the vice-rectors and deans, an Outstanding Medical Graduate and the president of the Student Committee of Health Sciences, valued the dedication to teaching and academic research that characterized Henríquez from the 70 years until the first years of the 21st century, when it demonstrated its sustained delivery to INTEC. Through his work, he developed a work that survives him as a legacy in each of the generations of doctors he formed.

The community remembers its special emphasis on training medical professionals with an ethical sense and vocation of service to the community, as well as the principles and values ​​of integral human beings, attributes that over the years have differentiated the medical graduates of the INTEC classrooms.

In November of 2013, President Danilo Medina inaugurated the works of the INTEC Infrastructure Master Plan, which includes the expansion of the campus with several works over a period of ten years. The Health Sciences building "Ana Mercedes Henriquez" (AH) is the first to be completed within the ambitious plan.

The modern structure of five levels and 6,415 square meters of construction has 18 laboratories specialized in anatomy, medical simulation, microbiology, parasitology, among others, as well as ten classrooms, several recreational areas for teachers and students, studio cubicles and impressive terraces .

He left his fingerprints on others

anameAna Mercedes Henríquez was born in Puerto Plata on the 21 of September of 1931.

He attended primary school at the Antera Mota School and secondary at the Liceo Emilio Prud 'Homme in his hometown. In 1957, she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical and Natural Sciences and a Normal Teacher of Second Secondary Education and a Stenographer. At 1965, she received a Ph.D. in Pharmacy and Chemical Sciences from the University of Santo Domingo.

"Anamé", as she was known, was an ideologist and promoter of the BIO-INTEC research days, in which medical students show their skills for scientific inquiry by applying their knowledge to the search for solutions to real health problems, and that reached its sixty-seventh version, held quarterly in an uninterrupted manner since the 1983 year. In addition, Henríquez was a designer of the pedagogical methodology of the INTEC Biology subject, which integrates the theoretical foundations, practices and research.

He was also a founding member of the INTEC-Ecológico student group, first to bring together university professors and students in collaboration with companies and institutions, with the purpose of developing environmental awareness in the Dominican Republic and promoting the care of natural resources.

 He passed away to the 81 year-old 26 March of 2012.

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