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Dominicana Software about entities in the software industry

INTEC participates in the first national fair on the subject, organized by the CEI-RD and Clustersoft

Dominicana Software about entities in the software industry Ligia Amada Melo, from MESCyT and Jean Alain Rodríguez, at the center, led the inauguration together with authorities and businessmen from the sector. PHOTO: CEI-RD.

El Center of Exportation and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD) together with the Software Cluster (CLUSTERSOFT) held the first Dominican Software 2013 fair, event where the main companies, universities and technological training institutions related to this industry in the country met.

INTEC, the first university in 2010 to open Software Engineering as an option in the national academic offer, participated among seven universities in the country, some 26 exhibitors, 14 local and international companies and the Dominican Free Software Foundation.

In the event, innovative products and services of high efficiency and productivity were exhibited for companies and institutions of the different sectors of the national economy, as well as academic training offers specialized in cutting-edge technology, conferences and lectures for the general public.

The director of the CEI-RD, Jean Alain Rodríguez, highlighted that "the CEI-RD institutes Dominicana Software as an annual event that will show the advances in the development of local Software and of the foreign companies established in the country, the contributions of the universities to this development and the most recent world trends, in an industry whose motto seems to be the perpetual and accelerated change ". Likewise, the Cluster of Software of the Dominican Republic (Clustersoft) was officially presented, bringing together a group of companies that promotes and inspires a new vision that awakens the interest of new investors in the software area of ​​the country and at the same time support the development of the local industry and the competitive strengthening of its members.
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The Technological Fair of the Dominican Software industry was held at the Institute for Entrepreneurial Training and Innovation (ICEi) on 18 and 19 days in September. As part of the INTEC team, teachers Raydelto Hernández and Ramón Jiménez, from the Engineering Department, as well as Software and Systems Engineering students participated.

The fair, organized by the CEI-RD, was created a year ago with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCyT); Orange Dominicana, the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications; the Presidential Office of Information and Communication Technologies and the Technological Institute of the Americas (ITLA), among others that collaborated with this important initiative.

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