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Domingo Contreras commitment to a culture of right to the city

Students of Social Communication and Digital Media of INTEC interviewed the candidate for mayor of the National District, who stated that his management will focus on a new governance

Domingo Contreras commitment to a culture of right to the city

SANTO DOMINGO. -Domingo Contreras, candidate for mayor of the National District for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), explained that his government proposal implies a empowerment to generate the right to the city, based on promoting a culture policy for order, respect for the norm and public space, and a boost to the development of the territory through tourism.

He indicated that he has a firm commitment to lower the temperature of the city by 2 degrees, by planting 40 thousand trees and one million bushes, and generating an environmental culture in which students from different educational centers participate

"One of the most important rights that citizens must have is the enjoyment of public space, especially that which is aimed at generating a healthy lifestyle that starts from social exchange, important for mental health," said Contreras.

During a interview by students of the degree in Social Communication and Digital Media of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), the candidate indicated that in all cities they must have pedestrian circuits that are built for the ordinary use of mobilization, but that have great utility to generate the new interaction models.

The interview is part of the series “Meetings on Radio INTEC: Road to the Mayor's Office of the National District”, which will take place this week with interviews with Carolina Mejía, Bartolomé Pujals, Hugo Beras and Johnny Ventura. All are broadcast live on the university's educational station, with access from: and also through the INTEC YouTube channel: @INTECrd.

Contreras said his management will focus on five axes: new governance; environmental sustainability, traffic mobility y accessibility; talent as capital and a city that takes advantage of the tourism development.

The mayoral candidate for the PLD also stated that the city needs to divide the territory into a polygon to benefit the social and intellectual capital, the characteristics that each territory has, work collectively with the community and strengthen its leadership.

For Contreras, it is impossible to govern away from technology to expand security perimeters, so it raises the need to build an Intelligence Center, which is interconnected with the National 911 Emergency and Security System, and adopt a resolution so that shops and buildings place security cameras that also connect to this center.

Conteras promises to create an instructor school to give a standard of quality, discipline and guidance to young people. "If the city wants security, on the one hand, an order structure must be created, but there has to be a social policy aimed at creating a new structure, with a pact between the central government, town hall and family."

In addition, in its proposals Contreras proposes to create a single operational authority that unifies the National Institute of Terre Transit and Transportation (INTRANT), the town hall and the General Directorate of Traffic and Land Transportation Security (DIGESETT).

During the interview, Contreras told INTEC students that his proposal represents a sustainable city model that promotes citizen and environmental culture, with an approach that will open opportunities for young people to have an economic development center.

About the degree in Social Communication and Digital Media

The degree in Social Communication and Digital Media, from the Area of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities, seeks to train professionals with skills to operate on any platform and spaces of communicational organization, and develop their analytical and critical thinking on local and international issues. The career that lasts 3 years and three months, has spaces for student practice, in addition to Radio INTEC, a television studio and editing and postproduction rooms.

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