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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Doctor Puello Herrera receives the Francisco Hernández Order of FEPAFEM

The members of the Federation also recognized doctors Julio Amado Castaños Guzmán and José Nicolás Pimentel de León

SANTO DOMINGO. - Jose Joaquin Puello Herrera, founding member of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) and Master of Dominican Medicine, was recognized together with his counterparts Julio Amado Castaños Guzmán and José Nicolás Pimentel de León for the Pan American Federation of Associations of Faculties and Schools of Medicine (FEPAFEM) with the highest award granted by the institution called Francisco Hernández Order.

The doctors received a message through a video from the newly elected president of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), Dr. Ricardo León Bórquez, through Dr. Marcos Núñez Cuervo, president of FEPAFEM and dean of the Area of ​​Sciences of the Health of the Ibero-American University (UNIBE), house of studies where the recognition ceremony was held.

Núñez Cuervo was also recognized by Dr. Miguel Robiou, president of the Dominican Association of Faculties and Schools of Medicine (ADOFEM) and dean of the Health Sciences Area of ​​the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), in honor of being the first Dominican elected as the highest Pan-American authority in medical education at the head of FEPAFEM.

Doctors Puello Herrera, Castaños Guzmán and Pimentel de León have a long history and legacy in medical education in the Dominican Republic, thanks to their work in teaching, research, leadership and management at a national and international level in the field. medical.

The certificates of the Francisco Hernández Order were delivered in a formal ceremony that was attended by Dr. Gustavo Batista Vargas, past rector and CEO of the Governing Council of UNIBE, vice-rectors, deans and directors members of ADOFEM, along with family and guests. honorees specials.

Giving words of thanks on behalf of himself and his award-winning colleagues, Puello Herrera expressed "how valuable it is to transmit medical knowledge to others, since a good teacher never forgets that an educator is for life."

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