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Doctor Miguel J. Escala, first Professor Emeritus of INTEC

The past rector of this university advocated the development of a teaching career with international validity that allows the Dominican Republic to have better universities

Doctor Miguel J. Escala, first Professor Emeritus of INTEC

SANTO DOMINGO. -The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) recognized with the Distinction Professor Emeritus to the doctor Miguel J. Escala, for its notables Academic merits, institutional contributions y ethical attributes y moral.

Doctor Escala, past rector of INTEC during the period 2005-2011, Is the first person en to receive this recognition in the 46 years of foundation of the university. When you pronounce your speech during the act, the renowned teacher advocated that the Dominican higher education system develop a teacher career with international validity that results best universities.

Scale cataloged as insufficient la renewal of the leyes, regulations y normative of the country's higher education system. "It is necessary to build a professorial style add value, not only for two or three institutions to make a difference, but so that the system is transformedand catapulte Dominican higher education to other levels"He said. 

He recommended that establish un observatory of monitoring practices linked to academic profession, That destined fondos of National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) for investigate relative issues to academic profession in the country and to identify the best practices around the academic profession.

"I propose to all the institutions of higher education in the country that in the self-study process of the five-year evaluation give special importance to teachers, in a participatory and transformative way," he said.

Dr. Escala received the recognition during "Week of Merit in the Hive", one series of activities who developed the INTEC from July 1 to 5, for recognize their teachers and collaborators for the work they do in the training of excellent professionals.


The engineer Jordi Portet, President of the Board of Regents of INTECHe gave the welcome words of the event, while, Sandra González Pons, research professor, He made the presentation of Professor Emeritus.

Pons, highlighted the hard work of Dr. Escala in higher education and pointed out that with his brilliance he knew how to combine personal vision with the use of cutting-edge principles and strategies in the training of school leaders. "He placed a distinctive hallmark of inter-school teaching, to all postgraduate and continuing education programs that were created from the area of ​​social sciences and humanities," said the teacher.

Meanwhile, the reading of the resolution of the Academic Council and delivery of diploma and imposition of the band as Professor Emeritus to the teacher Escala, was in charge of Rolando M. Guzmán, rector of INTEC, and José Feliz Marrero, Academic vice-rector.

Guzmán said that the distinction can only be granted after the employment relationship of the person who receives it with the INTEC, therefore, the recognition publicly declares the importance of the emotional link of the university with the person honored. 

The activity was attended by Ligia Amada Melo, former Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology; Josefina Pimentel, past Minister of Education; past directors of INTEC and rectors of other universities.

Data of the doctor Miguel J. Escala


Escala has a degree in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude-UASD), he obtained a Postgraduate Degree in Educational Psychology at INTEC, he also has a doctorate and a master's degree in Higher Education, taken at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

In addition, he serves as editor of the journal Ciencia y Educación del INTEC. In 2006 he was recognized with the Penn State Alumni Fellow Award and in 2011 he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his contribution to engineering education by the international LACCEI network.

His teaching work, spanning more than four decades, began at the Colegio Dominicano de la Salle, and he has served as undergraduate and postgraduate professor at renowned universities in the country, including INTEC, PUCMM, UCATECI and UASD. He has been a consultant for various national and international educational projects and served as Executive Director of the Institute of University Management and Leadership (IGLU) of the Inter-American University Organization (OUI).

Miguel did a valuable job during five years as Executive Director of the Institute of Management and University Leadership, better known as the IGLU, one of the most important programs sponsored by the Inter-American University Organization for the training of university directors.


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