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Planning and Quality Management: the team behind the Strategy

INTEC has consulted with students, graduates, authorities and civil society to achieve a comprehensive 2018-2022 Strategic Plan that respects the integrity, plurality of opinion and criteria of each member of the community.

Planning and Quality Management: the team behind the Strategy

SANTO DOMINGO. It was him Thursday August 3 2017 when Rolando M. Guzmán, rector of Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC), (INTEC), directed a paper to the community in which he announced the formal start to the process Planning for the 2018-2022 Strategy. In the letter it indicated that the participation de all to define the vision of the academy: The goals to reach, the competencies to strengthen and values to model before Dominican society.

Since that call have elapsed eight months in which, as the Director of Planning and Quality, Alfredo Vicioso, "The process of greater participation at the level of all instances of the community: students, graduates, teachers, collaborators, managers".

Guided by the Methodology of the nine steps of Balanced Scorecard Institute, INTEC's Planning and Quality Department has ensured that everything is in its place for the proper development of the process. This is explained Nelson Sanabia y Monalisa Pieraldi, who have given pursuit to consultations made to students, graduates, authorities and civil society, carrying on their shoulders with the work to translate lo expressed in what will be the INTEC Strategic Plan until the 2022.

"The methodology has a scheme for each step of the process, from what is seen in the front office, which are the work sessions, to the back office, the work of the unit when it collects information and filters it, so that we guarantee that the data is not repeated and that the critical points come out, "explained Vicioso.

Methodology of the 9 steps

In addition, he emphasized that the Planning and Quality Department has focused on following the letter to the letter. methodology taking into account the Principles of INTEC, respecting integrity plurality de opinion and criteria of each member of the community, "Because that is what identifies us as intecianos", he stressed, at the time of proposing that the Cross methodology Guarantees a vision almost 360 degrees of each of the aspects that are evaluated in the work sessions.

"The Balanced Scorecard is totally simple and digestible; good estructured. This methodology presents the so-called "One Page Plan " which is a tool that allows you to visualize every plan in a simple and simple way in which you can see in detail what gives response to each indicator, how it is related to the strategy and objectives. If it responds to the mission, the vision and its metrics, "said Nelson Sanabia, in charge of Indicators Management.

In as much, Vicioso considered that the important thing of the methodology are four basic criteria allowing design a strategic map of the institution. "When you see it there, you know what the institution needs and how it works, so in the face of that, goals and goals are established that, by making it simple, ensure the results we are looking for. It is a methodology continuous improvement, which means that, if for some reason there is an indicator that is not working well, the same methodology is responsible for making the substitution to make the system work, "he said.

Vicioso, Sanabia and Pieraldi explained that the 2018-2022 Strategy seeks INTEC to be an institution in which there is an exemplary service, where a favorable work environment is created so that the collaborators want to belong to it.

"We try to make that same environment generate a transformative learning experience and inspiring that really makes every member of the community proud, through clear tools and technology, virtualization, the change of organizational culture, the innovation, the knowledge development internationalization in its different branches, either mobility, transfer y cooperation. In other words, it is to turn the institution into a integral center in which we maintain the essence of who we are, but let's be referring worldwide", Assured engineer Alfredo Vicioso.

Also, another goal is close the communication gap so that the community is always informed of academic, scientific and administrative work.


Listen to the students

The Directorate of Planning and Quality of INTEC affirmed that the participation of the students has been very active. They stressed that the representative of the students before the Strategy Strategic Committee, Manuel Méndez of the career of Economy, has been a person who has identified with the work facing the new strategy that will guide the academy in the next five years.

"It has served as a channel, which is part of what the methodology is looking for, and has ensured that what belongs to the boys know. We made forums specifically for students, we collected valuable information that has been enriching the product that will eventually be our new plan. It really has been a success level of integration and participation for the student group, it shows a maturity and feels part of what we are doing, "said Alfredo Vicioso, clearly excited.

Finally, they argued that the INTEC management is committed to converting stay of the students in a life experience. "The methodology we have adopted to build this plan speaks of the institutional maturity we are experiencing at this time.

One of the great initiatives that supports this new plan is the project of Exemplary Service, which we will listen to promptly, that will focus on making INTEC a life experience where students feel satisfied, satisfied and that services are at hand, through a systematic and organized methodology. "

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