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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Coordinator of the Environmental Management Center (CEGA) of INTEC is appointed

Engineer Elena Del Conte Ayala has more than 20 years of experience in project management and technical coordination, as well as in environmental management systems

Coordinator of the Environmental Management Center (CEGA) of INTEC is appointed

SANTO DOMINGO. The Renewable Natural Resources engineer, Elena Del Conte Ayala, is the new coordinator of the Center for Environmental Management (CEGA) of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), an instance from which the university makes available to companies, public institutions and social organizations, its capacity and experience in offering comprehensive strategies that include training, research, provision of services and advice in the area of ​​management environmental.

Del Conte Ayala, who has a Master's Degree in Project Management, has solid experience in different areas related to planning and land use, the preparation and evaluation of Environmental Impact studies, environmental audits, management plans and environmental adaptation, as well as environmental supervision, photo-interpretation of satellite images, design of pollution control systems, treatment of white and waste water, among other topics.

The new CEGA coordinator of INTEC has developed a long history of environmental advice to the mining, electricity, oil, agro-industrial, construction, urban development and infrastructure sectors.

Most recently, he was operations manager of the Macadamia La Loma Group where he assumed the management of the engineering and operation project of the first macadamia nut plant in the country.

With the incorporation of the new coordinator, this center, attached to the Basic and Environmental Sciences Area of ​​INTEC, renews its commitment to contribute responsibly and professionally to the sustainable development of the Dominican Republic through consulting, training and training services. and applied research. Among these: environmental impact studies; design, implementation and audit of environmental management systems; advice and support in the processing of environmental permits; environmental characterizations and monitoring plans, as well as all services related to compliance with environmental legal instruments.

The CEGA also has a multidisciplinary team to address watershed management projects, renewable energy, waste management, environmental education, risk management, among other related areas.

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