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What will be the environmental situation of the Dominican Republic post COVID-19?

El Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo will carry out a series of educational and reflective activities for World Environment Day, which will be commemorated next Friday, June 5

What will be the environmental situation of the Dominican Republic post COVID-19?

SANTO DOMINGO. -The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) will carry out the virtual meeting “Sustainable Development post COVID-19: Implications for the Dominican Republic”, With the aim of opening a dialogue on the national reality of the environmental situation in the country, taking into account the social, economic and environmental aspects associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The virtual meeting to be held on the occasion of Environment Day, which is commemorated this Friday, June 5, will be open to the public and will be broadcast live at 11:00 in the morning by INTEC's YouTube channel (@INTECrd ), which can be accessed through this link and its educational radio station

The event will have the participation of Yolanda León, INTEC research professor; Francisco Nuñez, director of the Greater Antilles, TNC; María Eugenia Morales, Program Officer of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP); Ulises Jáuregui-Haza, coordinator of the INTEC Environmental Sciences Doctorate and Carol Franco Billini, professor at VTech University. With the moderation of Solhanlle Bonilla Duarte, research professor at INTEC and Coordinator of the Climate Change Observatory.

Participants will address the issues that require the most attention from the point of view of sustainable development in the Dominican RepublicHow can international organizations and the private sector participate together with the public sector to contribute to the sustainability goals of the Dominican Republic and elements to work with communities to improve the protection and sustainable use of natural resources, improving their livelihoods.

In addition, they will reflect on the vision and expectations for the country within the framework of the National Development Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals, the main opportunities to consider in preparing a strategy for environmental quality and the actions necessary to fulfill the international commitments and agreements to which the country is subscribed.

Likewise, the academy organizes several activities for the Environment Day, among them the presentation of university environmental programs aa professional unions, relevant related companies, graduates of areas of interest and prospects. He too cineforum "Death by a thousand cuts", which will be followed by a panel made up of its producer Jake Kheel and students from the Film and Audiovisual Communication degree.

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