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CONEP presents a study on business contributions to the economy at INTEC

The study was socialized with the academic community of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) in a meeting headed by the Dean of the Area of ​​Economy and Business, Dr. Armando Barrios

CONEP presents a study on business contributions to the economy at INTEC

SANTO DOMINGO. - In a meeting held jointly with the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) the National Council of Private Enterprise (CONEP), presented to the academic community on study: “Private sector as an engine of growth in the Dominican Republic”, carried out by the consulting firm Analytica.

The Executive Vice President of CONEP, Cesar Dargam, said that “CONEP, assuming its commitment to promote and defend the freedom of business and the active role of the private sector, offers through this publication a series of indicators that show how the Dominican business fabric and the significant contributions that have sustained economic development through the participation of entrepreneurs, as the main engine of growth¨.

The results were presented by Jacqueline Mora, executive director of the firm Analytica. In his presentation he applied that last year the Dominican business contributed 86% of gross domestic product Dominican Republic, generated on the 86% of formal jobs of the country, made the 85% of investments and 100% of the more than 10,000 million exports.

In the presentation made in the auditorium Osvaldo García de la Concha of INTEC, it was also explained that the business sector has challenges in its model that must be taken into account as high levels of informality, both in economic activity and in the generation of job.

Another result shows that the business tissue It is mostly composed of SMEs, where more than 85% of companies they have less than 15 employees and, beyond income, there are other differences between men and women regarding their participation in the labor market.

The publication also indicates that periods of higher growth y diversification of the economy have been those in which they have been introduced structural reforms that have become catalysts of changes.

The opening words of the act were pronounced by Armando Barrios, dean of the Area of ​​Economy and Business of INTEC, and had the presence of Rolando M. Guzmán, rector of INTEC. The presentation was attended by professors and students of the academy of higher studies, as well as representatives of the business sector.

This study is available in its digital version on the CONEP website:

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