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Fusemachines CEO understands that teaching data science will generate advances in the country and more jobs

Sameer Maskey gave a virtual conference and then INTEC's bachelor's and master's degree in Data Science were presented, the only academic offerings in the Dominican Republic

Fusemachines CEO understands that teaching data science will generate advances in the country and more jobs

SANTO DOMINGO. -The artificial intelligence has become relevant in product sales, disease diagnosis, drug discovery, and population health surveillance and prediction, said Sameer Maskey, founder and CEO of the Fusemachines company.

During the conference "Artificial intelligence and its role in new realities", organized by the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), Maskey said that AI must be democratized in assisted learning, education and work for all markets.

"We know that artificial intelligence has been worked in the country, but we must take the step forward and, therefore, we have made this association with INTEC because I believe that if we teach engineers data science we can make the country go ahead and create more jobs for everyone, ”said Maskey.

In addition, he assured that artificial intelligence is helping to diagnose diseases when there is no doctor available and in the detection of diseases based on image data.

For example, using natural language processing and machine learning to track, locate and report the spread of infectious diseases, the BlueDot artificial intelligence platform discovered what would become known as COVID-19, nine days before the Organization World Health will publish its statement alerting people to the appearance of a new coronavirus, "said the founder of Fusemachines.

The virtual event was moderated by Yahaira Brea, director of Marketing and Promotion of INTEC.

Unique offer in the Dominican Republic

During the conference the Bachelor's and Master's in Data Science, Unique Offers Nationwide that will train professionals in smart decision making and complex problem solving in the scientific, technological, business and social sectors.

Renato González, coordinator of the Master in Data Science, said that what happens in the Internet environment, social networks, in electronic commerce has an extraordinary impact on companies, therefore, a mechanism must be created to manage the information that by the traditional means of statistics is no longer possible.

"Data science is a multidisciplinary field that deals with processes, mathematical-statistical theories, systems and technologies to extract knowledge from environmental and structured or unstructured database data," said González.

He explained that the general objectives of the study program are that the participants will learn to organize and analyze the data in specific areas of professional application, to visualize their results and articulate their findings.

The program consists of four key knowledge areas and an application, specialization, research and final project module.

Upon meeting the credit requirements and established academic conditions, the graduate will obtain the title of Master in Data Science. In addition, in the course of their studies they have options to obtain the following certifications: MOOC educational platform for certification “Microdegree in Artifical Intelligence” and Training and certification in the SAS Viya Platform in DM and ML courses.

On her side, Darnely Caraballo, coordinator of the degree, said that the volume of data available worldwide grows exponentially due to the development of the Internet of Things and, therefore, a greater capacity for data management is necessary. .

"Professionals with a solid base in statistical and machine learning models with the ability to analyze, manage and optimize information are a fundamental part of strategic decision-making in organizations," Caraballo said.

He explained that the graduates of the program will be prepared to carry out managerial, middle and / or technical management functions in organizations and develop the professional profiles of consultant and manager of R&D projects, specialists in BigData, IA project manager, data scientist, manager project manager and business intelligence information systems analyst, ”he explained.

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