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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

The Mipymes Center and the Industrial Design Career develop a project for small entrepreneurs

As a result of the teamwork that characterizes INTEC, MSMEs entrepreneurs had access to graphic line design solutions for their companies and products

SANTO DOMINGO. - Twenty entrepreneurs mipymes, advised by the Centro Mipymes del Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), obtained design solutions for the graphic line for their companies and products, from the students of the Industrial Design career at the university.

 The 16 students who took the subjects Design and Visual Communication I and II, with professor Lilliam María, worked with the Mipymes Center to provide companies with their graphic line, a fundamental step to position their brands because it is the seal that distinguishes them in front of others.

 “In this inspired project based on a win-win strategy, all parties obtain a significant benefit. Students in training have direct contact with real and active clients, with real needs and tangible opportunities in the market, this allows them to gain experience and apply the technical knowledge of the subject. On the other hand, clients receive a product or service that they needed, under the commitment of availability in time and timely and real information ”, explained Kania Castellanos, advisor to the Mipymes Center. 

The pilot began in December 2020 with the Visual Communication I workshop, and continued in February 2021 with the Visual Communication II workshop. Under the initiative and supervision of María, responsible for the deliverables of the students, and Castellanos, responsible for the commitment of the entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and businessmen from the Dominican productive sector were integrated, impacting 20 companies (90% of the MSMEs sector, 50% of the clients of the INTEC MSMEs Center).

Both students and businessmen expressed their gratitude and positive comments for the results obtained with this pilot practice. At the moment, the project team is in the process evaluation stage, to define and present a proposal that allows to implement this good practice effectively for these and other INTEC practical subjects, Castellanos pointed out.

Likewise, he specified that the process marks a great opportunity to promote a differentiated education, where training with experience facilitates the insertion of professionals in the economy in a more effective way, while INTEC continues to support and bet on the development of the business community of MSMEs. .

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