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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC Environmental Management Center trains 27 professionals in Life Cycle Analysis

The course was aimed at specialists interested in environmental impact assessment through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and the corresponding ISO standards.

INTEC Environmental Management Center trains 27 professionals in Life Cycle Analysis

SANTO DOMINGO- The Environmental Management Center of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (CEGA-INTEC), attached to the Area of ​​Basic and Environmental Sciences, delivered 27 Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) diploma certificates to professionals interested in assessing environmental impacts with a technology and product life cycle approach .

The training, which was carried out within the framework of the 50th anniversary of INTEC, included the intervention of Dr. Ulises Jauregui, coordinator of Doctorate in Environmental Sciences from INTEC and Interdisciplinary Research Group on Sargassum (GIIS) ; la Specialist in Technological and Environmental Security by side Ruiz, INTEC teacher; together with Elena Rosa Domínguez, doctor in Life Cycle Analysis and professor at the Central University of Las Villas, Cuba.

Jáuregui invited the graduates to continue developing their projects and be part of future events that will take place around the topic of Life Cycle Analysis, in which the INTEC team will continue to support them.

“I feel very satisfied with the knowledge you have acquired, which will allow you to continue deepening the Life Cycle Analysis technique. I invite you to continue promoting the use of the tool in your work, at the university and with your students”, expressed Domínguez. In turn, he invited them to be part of the Latin American Life Cycle Seminar to be held in December 2022.

Representatives of various companies, including CORMIDOM, CEMEX, ALTOL Dominicana and J&J Consulting, also attended the course. Additionally, there was the participation of seven teachers, two administrators and three doctoral students in Basic and Environmental Sciences from INTEC.

"We are extremely proud to have had an important external participation in this training and we will continue to deepen the training opportunities in this important matter," he said. Elena Del Conte, coordinator of CEGA INTEC and training participant who announced that a second edition of the diploma course is planned for March 2023.

The program focused on the four phases of the LCA, taking as a reference base what is established in the ISO 14040 standards: in phase 1, the definition of objectives and scope; phase 2 is based on the elaboration and analysis of inventory; phase 3 focused on the environmental impact assessment and phase 4 on the interpretation of results, where the LCA serves as a technique to determine the environmental aspects and potential impacts associated with a product.

During the award ceremony, the students expressed their gratitude to the teachers for the opportunity that the training represented for their professional growth.

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