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Center for Gender Studies proposes System of Comprehensive Attention to Violence against Women

The coordinator of the CEG-INTEC affirmed that the country has not done what is necessary to reverse the situation of violence that affects the Dominicans

Center for Gender Studies proposes System of Integral Attention to Violence against Women

SANTO DOMINGO. The coordinator of Center for Gender Studies of the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC), Lourdes Contreras, affirmed yesterday that the country needs to structure a CANTONI de comprehensive care to violence against women, as a way to deal with the high incidence de feminicides, and acts of violence that are recorded against them.

During a press conference, Contreras and the dean of ÁArea of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities of the INTEC, Elsa Alcántara, indicated that it should be articulated to all the guarantors of the derechos of the women, including educational systems, health, Justice e institutions of society, considering the responsibility of each one, around the issue of violence.

"What has to be done has not been done. The decision of the State to unite the different responsibilities has not been given, or has not had the necessary response. Hence, each of these instances acts partially and unilaterally, so there is no real response from the State, "said Contreras.

In his opinion, the commemoration of a new International Day against Violence against Women find the country in a situation that he described as dramatic and that raises a recoil of a decade, when the number of feminicides was approaching the 200 cases. He expressed concern about the way in which official feminicide figures are tabulated, because he said they do not know that femicides are not exclusively murders related to a relationship and that, in reality, all those that involve women because of the condition of being women. At the end of October, he said, the number of feminicides was around 170 and not 80, as official data indicate.

When answering questions about the National Plan Against Gender Violence, which recently announced the Attorney General's Office, the dean of the Area of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities of INTEC, Elsa Alcántara, considered that it is not enough, because the correct thing is for all the institutions to do their part.

"There has to be a comprehensive provision of society to respond to a phenomenon that is widespread and therefore requires comprehensive responses," he said.

Alcántara regretted that so far this type of initiatives arise only in the face of the commemoration of the November 25 International Day against Violence against Women, or before the social alarm by increase of the Muertes. He emphasized that prevention plans should be extended to all private, educational and state institutions on a permanent basis.

During the press conference, held at the headquarters of the Center for Gender Studies at INTEC, Lourdes Contreras and Elsa Alcántara read a statement in which the academic institution expresses its commitment to the education, as a fundamental means to prevent violence detection of risk situations and the identification of cases.

In this regard, they expressed that INTEC's institutional commitment is concretized in the promotion of educational strategies towards the prevention of violence, the modification of patterns of social hierarchy among the genders that reproduce in the social, economic and political spheres. He also recalled that at 2014, INTEC became the first university in the country to approve a Policy of Prevention and Attention to Sexual Harassment equipped with instruments for the identification, verification, follow-up and sanction of cases through institutional mechanisms.

The November 25 of 1960, the sisters Patria, Minerva and María Teresa Mirabal were murdered by the secret police of the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo and in the year 1999 the UN declared that date as the International Day against Violence against Women.

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Manifestation against violence

The Center for Gender Studies of INTEC summoned all students, professors and collaborators of the university to join in a demonstration in rejection of the acts of violence that are registered in the country against women, and in homage and remembrance to all falls over the course of this year.

During the activity, members of the Intecian community lit candles and read reviews on the lives of women victims of violence, which were written by the journalist Margarita Cordero for the newspaper Diario Libre under the title "They were called."

Our rector, Rolando M. Guzmán, addressed a message to the entire community, inviting them to take on the challenge of preventing, denouncing and rejecting violence against women.


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