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Third Seminar of student research "Science from the particular" is celebrated

Students of Psychology presented the results of three investigations on the use of the network, Facebook and the relationship between self-concept and academic performance

Third Seminar of student research "Science from the particular" is celebrated

SANTO DOMINGO. Three groups of psychology students presented the results of research carried out by them during the Third Seminar "Science from the particular", which is organized every quarter with the aim of analyzing problems that affect young people.

The aesthetics, vanity and ethnic denial behind the use of hairnets or tubis are analyzed in the study “The web of vanity in Dominican women: a study of the tubi and the hairnet”, which was prepared by the students Maffel B. Santana, Alejandra P. Matos, Gustavo A. Santa & Jennely Crisóstomos.

The growth of a whole subculture of Dominican users of the social network Facebook, which aims to get followers based on a social competition is analyzed in "Road to fame: the famous Facebook" by students Addis Massiel Álvarez Peña, Mariano Alberto Soto Jáquez and Joan Noboa.

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In the study "Relationship between self-concept and academic performance between public and private schools in the Dominican Republic," students Jeranny Santos Infante and Mirelys de los Santos establish the relationship between self-perception and academic performance.

In the realization of the investigations, the students counted on the advice of the professors Rocío Hernández and Patricia Liranzo.

"Science from the particular" is organized every quarter with the purpose of disseminating the scientific productions made by the students of the Psychology career of the Social Sciences and Humanities Area of ​​INTEC.

It is an activity aimed at fostering a positioning of the Psychology student in front of the current problems of youth in society, giving the opportunity to demonstrate the social responsibility that is developed throughout the university education that allows to generate creative graduates , ethical, and socially committed.

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