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Third Annual Congress of Economics and Business Students celebrated

Through its Economics and Business Area, the university invited university students to participate in lectures and lectures.

Third Annual Congress of Economics and Business Students celebrated

SANTO DOMINGO. The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) celebrated This Wednesday, November 29, your Third Annual Congress of Students of Economics and Business (CANE), a academic day y scientific that promotes academic updating and is aimed at deepening and disseminating knowledge in areas of interest.

During the Congress, which was organized by the Area of ​​Economy and Business of the university, a total of 24 talks in four simultaneous cycles on: Business and innovation, Marketing and audits, Politics and international tradeand Economy and Financeas well as two Master lectures: "Tactical and strategic leadership", in charge of the consultant and trainer in management development, planning and strategic management issues, Espinal Saviorand "The world changed, challenges of the business world", by the managing partner of the firm Newlink Dominicana, Eduardo Valcárcel.

Some exhibitions of the Business and Innovation cycle were “Impact of the Integrated Financial Management System (SIGEF) in the Public Finance Administration of the Dominican State” by Kiara Otaño Del Risco and “Impact of neuromarketing on consumer decisions through neurocommunication ”by Frinette González Vidal.

In the cycle of Marketing and audits, the talks "Brands in Times of Change" were given, among others, which will be given by Gisel Castillo, "Young Entrepreneurs: A New Era" by Anna Batlle and a "Brain Game Workshop", guided by Mariela Yanguela.

"Role of Customs in Dominican Foreign Trade" by Hugo Mercedes and "Dairy Imports in the Dominican Republic" by Henry Rosa were two of the conferences of the International Policy and Trade cycle. Similarly, as part of the Economy and Finance cycle, the talks were held "Implications of DR-CAFTA on Intraindustrial Trade in the Dominican Republic", by Rosalía Castro and "The Economy of Climate Change", by Monserrat Acosta.

CANE 2017 activities were carried out in four simultaneous rooms of the university from 8:30 in the morning to 8:00 at night, attended by university professors and researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, technicians and officials from state agencies , representatives of private companies, civil society organizations and other institutions related to economics and business careers.

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