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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

CEG-INTEC will train Infotep staff in gender equality and human rights

The course will benefit its administrative, technical and teaching staff, and will be taught in six regional and metropolitan areas

CEG-INTEC will train Infotep staff in gender equality and human rights

SANTO DOMINGO. – The National Institute of Professional Technical Training (Infotep) will initiate the Awareness Plan for its administrative, technical and teaching staff with the aim of providing them with theoretical and practical tools for strengthening skills and capacities on gender equality and human rights.

The training programme, which will be taught by the Center for Gender Studies of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (CEG-INTEC), is part of the Gender Mainstreaming Project in INFOTEP 2022-2024, which is financed by the Spanish Agency for Development Cooperation AECID.

The course will be developed in six regions and the metropolitan area in two phases, the first will cover general conceptualizations and the second an instrument for gender mainstreaming. The facilitator of the workshops will be Dr. Sheila Báez Martínez, professor at the CEG.

“Training, a crucial process for the understanding of gender issues by educational actors, will make it possible to recognize and eliminate cultural barriers and resistance to the issue, question stereotypes and eliminate gender bias in the training of professions and trades” Baez stated.

The approaches that support this training program are equality and non-discrimination, the rights perspective, the gender approach, the intersectionality approach, constructivist pedagogy and feminist pedagogy.

The main method to be used for the development of this educational process will be the workshop, considered a participatory process par excellence, and the cinema or video forum will also be used. Additionally, among the different techniques that are used in this educational process are: talk, group dynamics, case studies, role play, brainstorming, group work, plenary session.

The Center for Gender Studies (CEG-INTEC) is a specialized instance of the Social Sciences and Humanities Area that, from the production of knowledge, seeks to promote cultural, political and social transformations, contributing to the consolidation of a national gender agenda of mobilization, and the development of leadership committed to reducing gender-based hierarchies.

CEG INTEC is dedicated to higher education, research and advocacy on public policies from a gender perspective. Its objective is to study gender inequality from a formal academic space, define analytical perspectives and contribute to policies that overcome inequalities. Promote the incorporation of the gender perspective in political and social analysis and activities, in university teaching, research and outreach.

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