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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Train 56 teachers in three graduates

The Directorates of Teacher Development and Learning Resources organized the trainings in which teachers from the five academic areas participated.

Train 56 teachers in three graduates

SANTO DOMINGO. So far this year, 56 teachers from the five academic areas of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) graduates in Teaching Management, Advanced in eLearining and Scientific Research.

The courses, which were organized through the Department of Professional Development, are aimed at improving the skills of university teachers. Several collaborators from the areas dedicated to teacher support also participated in the programs.

The certificate delivery ceremony was held in the Auditorium of the Ana Mercedes Henríquez Health Sciences building and was headed by the Academic Vice Chancellor of INTEC, José Féliz, who spoke the words of welcome; the Director of Professional Development, Leonidas Germán, who was in charge of the central words and the vice-rector for Research and Linking, Victor Gómez Valenzuela. 

Likewise, the Dean of the Area of ​​Basic and Environmental Sciences, Leticia Mendoza, attended. While the coordinator of the Business Area Degree, Enrique Fernández, offered the words of gratitude on behalf of all the participants. 


The Diploma in Management of University Teaching is aimed at developing the competences inherent to the teaching work, in what is their commitment to the quality of learning in particular and human development in general. The course allows participants to acquire the conditions to generate appropriate and stimulating learning environments, respecting the institutional philosophy, the educational model and the curricular design through an action as a research teacher.

In the case of the Diploma in Scientific Research, it is a space for the recreation of knowledge, facilitating the updating of different topics aimed at developing, strengthening and / or exploring the different possibilities of academic work. It is structured in dynamically articulated modules, allowing a totally flexible scenario. In essence, the aim is to develop, deepen and / or update teachers in specific areas of knowledge, which allow them to meet needs related to scientific research.

The Advanced Diploma in eLearning, offered by IT Madrid, aims to develop and strengthen teaching skills for the design and management of the teaching-learning process under the virtual modality. This diploma, taught 100% online, with a duration of three months, delves into topics such as: Theories of digital learning and pedagogy, Instructional design, technologies and platforms for digital education, direction and management of online education projects. It also covers innovative topics in education such as Scenarios, Games and Gamification in e-Learning, Corporate e-Learning and creation and management of MOOCs.

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