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Bartolomé Pujals would create a university district and look for universities to be thought centers at the service of the DN

Students of Social Communication and Digital Media of INTEC interviewed the candidate for mayor of the National District by Alianza País, who spoke about a youth employment project

Bartolomé Pujals would create a university district and look for universities to be thought centers at the service of the DN

SANTO DOMINGO. -Bartolomé Pujals, the candidate a mayor of National District younger, he said that one of his main proposals is to create a university district to  convert the universities en thought centers al the service from city.

"In the first 100 days of government we are going to knock on the doors of university rectors to create a university district, generate labs with the students to start conceiving alternatives, proposals, ideas y hackathones to be able to apply them in the city, through a program what are we going to call pilot government”, Explained the candidate of Country Alliance.

Being entrevistado by  students of the career Social Communication and Digital Media of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), pointed out that in the extended central polygon there 99 educational centers from basic to university centers, so, in terms of mobility, would create a collective transport that connects to all the universities located in the National District.

The 33-year-old lawyer said that mobility, public spaces, solid waste management and university districts are the main axes of his proposal to the mayor's office.

On the issue of mobility, he said that the blockages in the main roads of the National District will not end unless they are generated collective transport alternatives. "Here a series of decisions were made 20 or 22 years ago that privileged this city to be organized around the private vehicle," he said.

Bartolomé Pujals with the INTEC authorities Social Communication students and members of his team

He explained that his proposal includes the generation of public transport lines with exclusive lanes; the change of meanings of roads such as the avenues Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Ortega and Gasset, Tiradentes, Lope de Vega, to turn them into road pairs; create a network of cycle paths, between five and eight kilometers, and municipal bicycles to advance sustainable mobility mechanisms; synchronize traffic lights and use smart traffic lights that feed on the same data that the city council should collect.

Regarding the Public spaces, indicated that the forest layer of the city of Santo Domingo is less than 10%, so it is required duplicate green areas, retrieve the sidewalks and green stripes that have been eliminated by the real estate development and the lack of regulation of the city council.

Pujals said that in order to have mechanisms to process carbon monoxide in the city they will build vertical gardens on all elevations, they will also create rain gardens on all avenues to increase soil permeability.

When talking about management of the Solid wasteHe explained that the trash it will become money, seeing it as a opportunity And not as a problem. He said they will be created green dots so that citizens sort garbage, an educational campaign on recycling will be generated and there will be a policy de Incentives.

Bartolomé Pujals candidate for mayor of the National District for the Alianza País party

Pujals, who is also a university professor, raised the need to create a great intermunicipal agreement with the other municipalities of the province of Santo Domingo, under the understanding that mobility, public spaces, garbage and security issues should be considered as collective way.

The interview is part of the series "Meetings on Radio INTEC: Road to the Mayor's Office of the National District", which will end this Friday, January 31, with interviews with candidates Hugo Beras and Johnny Ventura. All interviews are broadcast live on the university's educational station, with access from: and also through the INTEC YouTube channel: @INTECrd.

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