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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Barrick Pueblo Viejo will grant a 100% scholarship to study a doctorate in Environmental Sciences at INTEC

Those interested have until April 5 of the current year to apply for a scholarship to 100% of the doctorate in Environmental Sciences taught by INTEC

Barrick Pueblo Viejo will grant a 100% scholarship to study a doctorate in Environmental Sciences at INTEC

Santo Domingo. - El Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) and Barrick Pueblo Viejo opened the call for a 100% scholarship for the doctoral training program in Environmental Sciences, aimed at professionals interested in the development of research and the management of high-impact processes for the Dominican Republic.

The deadline to apply for the doctorate is April 5, for the program that begins in the May-July 2021 quarter. Those interested must meet the requirements available at the following link:  

Whoever applies for the scholarship must be Dominican, promote the environmental project of Pueblo Viejo Dominicano and that the research topic to be developed is related to an environmental aspect of the mine or Pueblo Viejo.

The doctorate in Environmental Sciences seeks to train researchers, directors and managers of scientific and technological innovation processes at the highest level, both nationally and internationally, with the ability to develop research, prepare other professionals and direct processes in the field of environmental sciences. and contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

In addition, develop the capacities for the development of scientific research with a holistic approach, communication and argumentation of the processes of environmental sciences in the environment of Dominican society.

The objective of the program is to make a high-impact contribution to the integration of environmental sciences to sustainable development and technological innovation, to achieve more innovative solutions to the main environmental problems of the Dominican Republic, as well as of the region, using scientific and technical methods. working in multi and transdisciplinary groups.

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