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Connected Classrooms: INTEC's commitment to face-to-face classes

The university has equipped several classrooms with specialized technological and multimedia resources so that a part of the class can receive face-to-face teaching with the professor, while the rest attend remotely simultaneously

Connected Classrooms: INTEC's commitment to face-to-face classes

SANTO DOMINGO. - The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) prepares for the gradual return to face-to-face classes in the quarter August-October 2021 with the integration of Connected Classrooms, which are classrooms equipped with technological and multimedia resources to ensure that a part of the students in each class receives face-to-face teaching with the teacher, while the rest attend remotely live.

The novel hybrid teaching initiative aims to provide a more enriching academic experience for students, while safeguarding the health of the entire academic community.

Under this teaching format about 144 sessions will be taught, undergraduate and graduate. To make this possible, 35 physical classrooms have been equipped with microphones, cameras, an audio system, among other resources, so that the teacher and a group of students attend in person, while another group of students participate in the class remotely. simultaneously. In the courses in which the hybrid modality will be offered, the students will rotate, so that everyone has the opportunity to take face-to-face classes, and everyone will be able to interact live.

In this regard, Julio Sánchez Maríñez, rector of INTEC, stated that the university made a considerable technological investment, trained about 60 of its teachers and adapted the classrooms required for this project with which INTEC is committed to a gradual return to face-to-face, safe way for the educational community.

“Our main objective is to enrich the academic experience of the students, taking care of their health. We know that many young people want to return to the classroom, especially those students who started university in the midst of the pandemic, for them and for them we have made all this effort, ”said Sánchez Maríñez.

The subjects that will be offered in a hybrid way will be those of high demand, those that concentrate new students and electives, which are of interest to students of various careers, and which are offered in all quarters.

With the beginning of this teaching strategy, the university presented the updated version of its Return to Presence Protocol, available on its web portal. This document establishes that all students who return to campus will be required to have completed their vaccination schedule against COVID-19, according to the provision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology; wear the mask at all times, maintain distance in classrooms and common spaces, take temperature, among other measures.

Presence and virtuality

Likewise, most of the laboratories, medical rotations, clinical practices and subjects that require field practices will be taught in person.

Most of the total offer of INTEC classes will be maintained virtually, in view of the experience acquired by the university during the past year and a half of the pandemic, in which it strengthened its technological platform and trained teachers to make better use of the tools, which have allowed the continuity of distance teaching.

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