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Cyber ​​attacks cost the world about $ 11bn per minute

In a virtual discussion held by INTEC, experts from the Fortinet Latin America company spoke about the need to guarantee cybersecurity and indicated that every day more women work in the area of ​​computer security

Cyber ​​attacks cost the world about $ 11bn per minute

SANTO DOMINGO. –Technology develops so rapidly that every day the world is more hyperconnected, but in the same way that connectivity increases, so do cyberattacks. Adriana Guevara, technical support engineer for Fortinet Latin America, indicated that malicious attacks on computers, servers, devices, systems, networks and data could cost the world $ 11 million per minute every day.

 “These malicious attacks happen every day. In fact, it is estimated that the projection for this 2021 daily will amount to 11 million dollars per minute, "said Guevara.

Today, digital technologies bring people together, help them work, study, stay connected via the internet with loved ones and do business. Therefore, cybersecurity is key to the hyperconnected world.

It is the conclusion offered during the conference "Cybersecurity, an opportunity for professional women", held by Fortinet and the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), in which it was established that there are positions available in different areas for women who want to venture into cybersecurity.

"Unfortunately less than 20% of professionals in the cybersecurity industry are women, however, this is changing radically, thanks to the increase in the number of women who are specializing," said Shannon Curran, regional director of sales for Fortinet America. Latina, while highlighting that there are a number of positions and for women, which will increase the number of women in the industry.

In that sense, Guevara added that in Latin America 527,000 cybersecurity professionals are required and it is estimated that 3.12 million professionals are needed worldwide, so it is definitely a great opportunity. In addition, he assured that regardless of the region, it is usually a job that will always be well paid. 

Importance of cybersecurity

The Fortinet technical support engineer highlighted that the world changed, especially in the last 15 years with the great digital revolution that has impacted on mobile technology, Wi-Fi, 5G, and how through telephones, increasingly capacity, together with computers, have become essential tools for various day-to-day activities.

"Today we access the information that is available on the web online (online), including ours in different types of digital services, impacting our privacy, hence the great importance of protecting our data, because regardless of the wide range of possibilities that the digital world offers us, we must learn to manage these services, which offer different options or tools, to protect it safely, because otherwise the consequences will impact our image, reputation, finances and privacy ”, assured Guevara.

In that sense, Curran said that companies are being impacted by this revolution, accelerated after the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the need to survive has driven them to adopt digital platforms and technologies, transform their networks and offer all the processes, goods and online services. "Now is the latent reality and within that we have to ensure at all times that cybersecurity is present, to prevent unauthorized access to our data or prevent them from affecting their computer systems."

Need for data protection

Adriana Guevara stated that due to cyber attacks it is vitally important that companies invest in cybersecurity. "We know that they are expensive investments, but they add value, since they create trust in their staff and their clients, which is essential to be able to work on the web on a day-to-day basis."

Regarding the foregoing, Curran understands that there is global mobility, thanks to the internet's capabilities to access different computing resources by different providers or providers of cloud or multi-cloud services and "it is a matter of protecting the data wherever they are", projection.

He pointed out that companies have to transform and find other ways to offer their services supported by the digital economy, which require new models for doing business and cybersecurity must be perceived by their customers, internal and external, so that it generates trust and They can overcome the challenges and achieve the growth they want to have.

Niurka Hernández, full professor of the Cybersecurity engineering career, and in charge of the INTEC Cybersecurity Laboratory, was present during the conference, who shared her testimony about the opportunities that have been opened to her, thanks to her professional training in cybersecurity, feeling identified with the topic of the presentation. In addition, he called for people to prepare, as job opportunities are waiting for talented professionals to be hired.

About cybersecurity engineering

INTEC is the pioneer in the teaching of cybersecurity at undergraduate, graduate levels and continuing education in the Dominican Republic. The academy integrates virtual environments such as classrooms, laboratories and capacities for learning digital technologies, which enrich the teaching and learning processes, in a face-to-face and blended way. In addition to this, it has equipped laboratories that support academic programs, so that they can put their knowledge into practice.

INTEC's cybersecurity academic programs aim to develop, at different levels, the skills, abilities and advanced knowledge to design, build, evaluate and manage in an efficient and effective way the life cycle of cybersecurity in a highly interconnected environment, of rapid and global changes.

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