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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

University associations ask to stop disinformation campaign

Both ADOU and ADRU expressed their expectation that the State will provide tax aid for higher education institutions

SANTO DOMINGO. The Dominican Association of Universities (ADOU) and the Dominican Association Rectors of Universities (ADRU) expressed their concern about a disinformation campaign that is done on social networks and that affects several universities in the system, product of the crisis generated by COVID-19. 

In a statement issued by the associations, of which the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) is a member, states that the country requires that all sectors and levels share the purpose of overcoming difficult times together and directing efforts towards common well-being. "Let us try to avoid media disinformation campaigns that seek to damage the reputation of outstanding institutions for their track record in creating opportunities and training for thousands of professions that have contributed and are decisively contributing to the development of Dominican society," the document states. . 

The associations invited citizens not to let themselves be carried away by the despair and uncertainty resulting from this moment of crisis, but rather to focus on the fact that it is time to make a decision of love, gratitude and solidarity that allows us to come out together more strengthened from the difficulties you are facing today.

"At a time when the country and the rest of the world are living, it requires civic behavior from institutions and from all citizens, inspired by the search for solutions to overcome the present state of national emergency." In this sense, it prioritizes contributing to preserving the life and well-being of citizens and ensuring the protection of institutions that, like HEIs, are essential for the development and future of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican higher education institutions, with a student population that exceeds 600 thousand students and more than 40,000 employees, expressed their expectation that the Dominican State has fiscal aid like those applied in other countries.

"All our higher education institutions are making a great effort to maintain and continue their work in this special situation, so that students can take advantage of the academic period at a distance using the available resources," they indicate in the statement. Likewise, they affirmed that they do their best to offer students the facilities that their possibilities allow them, preserving economic stability and fulfilling the commitments with their teachers and servers, ”ponders the statement signed by the Rev. P.Dr. Alfredo de la Cruz Baldera, president ADRU and José Alejandro Aybar M., president ADOU.

Currently both unions have a total 48 member institutions.

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