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Armando Barrios is ratified as dean of the Economy and Business Area

The economist and doctor in Public Policy will be in office until 2024, the date on which his second term at the head of the Economy and Business Area will conclude.

Armando Barrios is ratified as dean of the Economy and Business Area

SANTO DOMINGO. –The economist Armando Barrios was ratified as dean of the Economy and Business Area for a second period that will end in 2024. The decision was made taking into account the dean's management reports, as well as the reports of his execution of the operational plans recent years and the organizational climate of the Area.

In addition, the opinions of the members of the Academic Council and colleagues in their Academic Area were weighed, all favorable to the continuity of their management.

The Rector of INTEC, Julio Sánchez Maríñez, released the information through a massive message to the community. He indicated that, together with the Academic Vice Chancellor, Arturo del Villar, they shared expectations with Dean Barrios on aspects to emphasize in the new management period, among which are the continuity of progress in the curricular development of the programs in the area together with teacher development initiatives, international alliances typical of the area and the continuity of the connection of international guest professors, innovation in the formats of postgraduate programs and the challenges of academic and applied research in the field of economics and business.

The Rector of INTEC said he was confident in the continuity of the contributions of Dr. Barrios from the dean and assures him of the support of the entire Rectory team together with his colleagues in the Area of ​​Economics and Business.

Armando Barrios Profile

Armando Barrios has a doctorate in Public Policy from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, with a master's degree in Applied Economics, major in Industrial Organization and Regulation, from The American University, in the United States. In addition, he has postgraduate studies in International Economics and a bachelor's degree in Economics from the Central University of Venezuela.

Barrios Ross has been an economic and strategic consultant for public and private organizations such as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC ), among other. His teaching experience, which spans several decades, includes courses in Business Economics, Microeconomics, Regulatory and Competition Policies, Negotiation, Public Sector Economics, and Public Finance.

Additionally, he has served as Dean of Business at the Sergio Arboleda and Konrad Lorenz Universities Fundación Universitaria, in Colombia; and also as dean and director of Postgraduate Studies of the Institute of Higher Studies in Administration (IESA), Venezuela.

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