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Announced winners of the Outstanding Alumni Award

In the tenth award of the Outstanding Alumni Award, the university honors honest work and contributions in favor of the country made by five of its talents

Announced winners of the Outstanding Alumni Award

SANTO DOMINGO. - Five internees who have a successful professional career, through which they have made contributions to society, will be recognized by the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo in the tenth delivery of Outstanding Alumni Award (PED), which will be held on November 10.

After an arduous process of selection, among the 24 intecianos that were postulated, the jury considered it necessary to pay homage to the trajectories of the doctors Juvianee Ibrahim Estrada Veras y Miguel De Jesus Núñez Salcedo, of the Area of ​​Health Sciences; the teacher Alexandra Inmaculada Santelises Joaquín, of the Area of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities; and the engineers Hiddekel Abel Morrison Amador y Adilka Indhira Fernández Blanchery de White, of the Engineering Area. 

In nine installments, INTEC has recognized 61 of its graduates in the areas of Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering and Business.

The annual election of the winners is carried out by a rigorous evaluation and selection mechanism, composed of two stages: an open application process, in which members of the university community and legally established organizations propose those they consider worthy. Then, the applications are confirmed and evaluated, after which they are submitted to electronic voting before the community of graduates.

In a second stage, a jury chaired by the Rector and composed of executives and personalities close to the university ponders the nominations and chooses those deserving of the award. The result of the vote of the community of graduates is added as a vote to the vote of the jury. 

 Outstanding graduates of INTEC 2016

Juvianee Estrada, Pediatric Metabolic Geneticist, graduate of Doctor of Medicine, Magna Cum Laude, from INTEC. He completed his residency in Pediatrics at the State University of New York Health Science Center and Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York, United States and two subspecialties in Medical Genetics and Genetics and Biochemistry of Human Metabolism at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), Bethesda, Maryland. 

Miguel Núñez, Pastor Holder of the International Baptist Church, graduated from the INTEC School of Medicine at 1980 and studied his specialties in Internal Medicine (1982-85) and Infectious Diseases (1985-1987) in the United States.

Alexandra Santelises, director of the National Institute for Comprehensive Early Childhood Care (INAIPI), holds a Master's degree in Education and a postgraduate degree in pedagogy from INTEC. Bachelor of Education, pre-school mention of the Catholic University of Santo Domingo (UCSD).

Hiddekel Morrison, president of MH Consulting Group, graduated to the 19 years of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at INTEC. He completed a specialty in Telecommunications at the University of Wisconsin Madison, United States. He obtained a Master's degree in Operations Management from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM). In Guatemala he graduated in the postgraduate course on Parliamentarism at the Rafael Landivar University. In the People's Republic of China, he was certified in Next Generation Telecommunications Networks in China, at the Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications.

Adilka Fernández, Implementation Manager at UPS Supply Chain Solutions. In April 2001 she obtained the degree of Industrial Engineering with the highest honors at INTEC, she completed a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering - Manufacturing & Logistics Area at Georgia Institute of Technology; He completed an executive master's degree in Logistics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) and the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) of Spain.

The winners will be presented during an awards gala that will be held next November at the 10 Garden Tent Hotel El Embajador, in this Capital. 


The selection jury for the Outstanding Graduate Award 2016 was chaired by the Rector of INTEC, Dr. Rolando M. Guzmán and was made up of the Academic Vice-Rector, Dr. José David Feliz Marrero; the Vice-Rector for Administration and Finance, engineer Alfonso Casasnovas; the Vice-Rector for Research and Relations, Dr. Víctor Gómez Valenzuela; as a full professor, Dr. Irene Machado Cruz; a graduate member of the Board of Regents, Lidia Mercedes Hernández.

In addition, the President of the Association of Graduates, engineer Julio Molina, as a guest personality not linked to INTEC, the President of the Association of Industrialists of the North Region, Lic. Lina García; and the Director of Institutional Communication, Adriana del Conte.

INTEC initiated the delivery of the Outstanding Alumni Award in the 2007 year to recognize its graduates, graduate or postgraduate, whose professional performance and contributions in the business, socio-cultural, political, sports and / or academic fields demonstrate a path with impact social, and whose performance is a sign of attachment to the values ​​that the university advocates.


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