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Master's Degree in Gender and Development

  • Objectives

    To train researchers and researchers who are experts in gender studies, capable of designing the execution of disseminating research with a gender focus. This program is designed to contribute to the construction of an epistemology based on a gender approach that promotes a social transformation that privileges real equality between women and men in the public, private and intergovernmental spheres.

    The graduates exercise ethical and innovative leadership in the formulation, advice and management of public policies with a gender perspective and human rights, through the application of gender mainstreaming strategies and different approaches, such as intersectionality, developed for the category of social analysis gender in the different disciplines of the social sciences.

    These professionals, in their exercise are distinguished by the updating of their knowledge, commitment to gender equality and their contributions to the creation of models and technical instruments that advocate for democratic governance, offering appropriate responses to the demands of inclusion and sustainable development in Dominican society.

  • Title to obtain

    Master in Gender and Development

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Study plan


May 2022


14 quarters


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