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Specialty in Initial Education

  • Objectives

    The purpose of the program is to create a nucleus of specialists concerned with Initial Education, updated in the psychological and pedagogical aspects, capable of designing and executing quality programs, which conceive the child as the main protagonists of their own learning and as a center of the pedagogical action. This program promotes reflection on the importance of Initial Education for the social, emotional and cognitive development of people, based on accumulated knowledge and personal, contextualized national and international experiences.

    On the other hand, it emphasizes practices based on recognizing the natural and socio-cultural environment of boys and girls in order to strengthen relationships between school, family and community activities. Develops professional skills in the participants that allow reflection and confrontation between experiences and previous knowledge with the aim of transforming their practice in a more creative way, promoting independence, responsibility, creativity and self-esteem in boys and girls. interest in what surrounds them. Likewise, it promotes promotion and articulation mechanisms between this educational level and the higher ones supported by the unavoidable links between fathers, mothers and educational centers.

  • Program structure

    Pedagogical Accompaniment

    The pedagogical accompaniment is a transversal component of the study plan, whose purpose is to qualify the professional practice of the students. In addition, it seeks the link between the theoretical and practical training of each participant with the institutions where they work and satisfy their professional needs as future specialists / teachers. Pedagogical accompaniment is conceived as a training strategy, mediated by a companion, whose objective is to interact with the participants to promote reflection on their practice, the identification of the assumptions that underlie it and decision-making for the promotion of processes transformation and improvement, guaranteeing the achievement of learning from a comprehensive and inclusive perspective.

    The accompaniment process seeks, during the training in the study program, to continuously observe the appropriation of professional standards, which must translate into an improvement in performance from any training experience in which the participants are. For this reason, the Guide for the development of Pedagogical Accompaniment has been conceived, which describes the modalities and strategies of the ideal accompaniment to apply during the process, the procedural route to follow, as well as the products expected for quarterly periods.

    Specialty in Initial Education

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  • Title to obtain

    Specialty in Initial Education

Promotional document

Study plan


May 2022


14 quarters


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icons_profile-man-9a81f10e Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Specialization in Initial Education

Katherine Mejia Capellan, Ms.

Program coordinator
icons_profile-man-9a81f10e Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Specialization in Initial Education

Dr. Irene de los Angeles Machado Cruz

Level Coordinator