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Specialization in Integral Approach to Violence against Women

  • Objectives

    The fundamental purpose of the Specialty in Comprehensive Approach to Violence against Women is to develop in the participants knowledge, skills and competencies in the implementation of a comprehensive system of protection against violence in all its manifestations, through transdisciplinary models and intersectoral, aimed at preventing, detecting, attending to and punishing with due diligence, contributing to its eradication.

  • Graduate Profile

    The graduates of the Specialty in Comprehensive Approach to Violence against Women are highly qualified and innovative professionals who have mastery of skills, attitudes and values ​​that allow them to have a high conceptual and procedural level of the most up-to-date approach to violence. comprehensive system of violence against women, to perform from a leadership role with a critical, constructive and creative sense in the exercise of generating, implementing and giving continuity to programs for the prevention and comprehensive care of violence against women from a gender and human rights perspective, with great ethical and social commitment. They will have the ability to propose or develop projects and strategies to address the problem of gender violence in different social classes, both in the political, social and economic sectors at the national and international level.

  • Competences

    • It is capable of investigating, from a critical and ethical position, the structural causes of violence against women in all its spheres and manifestations.
    • It exercises leadership, facilitating actions through the effective administration of justice in favor of the victims, with a view to guaranteeing their rights, compensating them for the damages suffered and avoiding their re-victimization.
    • Recognizes the implications of a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the different forms and manifestations of violence, to carry out effective management from the applicability in their work.
    • It fosters the processes of building an egalitarian society from reflective, critical, tolerant and open thinking, by carrying out various integration activities with communities and sector authorities.
    • It differentiates the main theories and concepts that explain gender inequality in society, and its consequent link with gender violence.
  • Title to obtain

    Specialty in Comprehensive Approach to Violence Against Women

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Study plan


May 2022


14 quarters


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