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Postgraduate: why is it necessary and how to choose the most suitable one?

What%CC%81s-are-the-university-careers-with-the-highest-demand-in-the-labor-market-81 Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Postgraduate: why is it necessary and how to choose the most suitable one?

Studying a postgraduate degree: a strategic and futuristic decision 

El postgraduate it has ceased to be a privilege to become a necessity. The world advances at a dizzying pace and today a knowledge society prevails that is increasingly demanding. For this reason, the most sought-after and valued professionals are those with specialized training. 

We are on the doorstep of the fourth industrial revolution. This is characterized by an unprecedented development of science and technology that will completely change the world of work. Those who, in this case, have more specialized knowledge will have better opportunities. 

Therefore, carry out a postgraduate it has become a strategic decision. It is a fact that a specialized degree, master or doctorate guarantees a much brighter future. What should be taken into account before choosing a postgraduate and how to know which one is the most suitable? We will see it right away. 

The types of postgraduate 

A normal university career is called "undergraduate". In some countries it is also known by the name of "bachelor" or "bachelor". After obtaining the degree it is possible to start a more specialized training cycle called postgraduate. This can be of various types. Let's see. 

Specialization or specialty 

The specialties are a modality of postgraduate that only exists in Latin America. The objective is to improve knowledge in a specific area. For example, someone who has a civil engineering degree may apply for a specialty in Construction Management and Supervision. Typically, a specialty lasts one year. 

Master's degree 

The master's or master's degree is a deep and highly specialized training in an area of ​​knowledge. It also trains the professional to conduct research independently. Is he postgraduate most popular and also the one with the widest offer. Its duration is two or three years. 


The doctorate is the postgraduate more advanced. Usually requires a previous master's degree. It lasts between three and five years and allows the professional to carry out original research on highly relevant aspects of a subject. A doctor is the most trained professional in his area. 

Why do a postgraduate degree? 

Un postgraduate not only serves to complement and deepen the knowledge acquired. It is also an essential tool for stand out in a job market which is increasingly competitive. 

According to a study carried out by the National Institute of Economics and Social Research in Great Britain (Elias, 2009), the salary of a professional increases by at least 15% after having completed a master's degree.  

The Education at a Glance 2019 report (OECD, 2019), based on Latin American countries, reaches a similar conclusion. According to this study, a professional with a master's or doctorate earns an average salary four times higher than those who only have an undergraduate degree. 

In the Dominican Republic there is a wide offer of postgraduate courses, some of them with international projection. What must be taken into account to make an intelligent decision? The following are some guidelines that can help you. 

Tips for choosing the best graduate degree 

The decision to study a postgraduate it determines the professional course and that is why it must be taken with care. What is suggested is to divide this process into two phases, as described below. 

Preliminary decisions 

The first thing is to determine in which area you want to carry out the postgraduate course. This depends on personal interests, the professional profile that you want to build and the potential for career prospects in that area. 

It is also important to define what type of graduate will be done: specialty, master's or doctorate. You have to take into account the time available and the costs involved in each option.  

Options analysis 

What follows is to explore the offer of postgraduate that is in the area of ​​interest. In the Dominican Republic there are seven universities that offer this type of training. The following should be taken into account: 

  • History and prestige of the university. 
  • Infrastructure and investigative tradition. 
  • Agreements with international entities. 
  • Schedule and cost options. 
  • Does it offer the alternative of studying at a distance or in virtual classrooms? 

Colleges that offer all three graduate levels are worth considering. Likewise, those that cover cutting-edge areas. For example, it is not the same to do a master's degree in development simply, than one in Renewable Energy Technology

The greatest heritage 

In today's world, whoever has knowledge also has power. And whoever has power is in the possibility of building a fuller life for himself and for the society in which he lives. A postgraduate it is an excellent investment, with sweet long-term fruits. 

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