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INTEC - Distance education: best programs in the Dominican Republic

Top-de-los-programas-de-educacion-a-distancia-que-puedes-estudiar-en-Republica-Dominicana-3cb05197 Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - INTEC - Educación a distancia: mejores programas en República Dominicana

Distance education in the Dominican Republic ?: know what careers to study

It is not a mystery that long distance education field opens up in the world. Today, thanks to new platforms that make remote study more user-friendly, this education model attracts thousands of students from all over the world. 

This is not only due to the fact that many universities and educational centers have now been forced to teach distance classes. This also occurs because over time many fears that may have existed years ago about the long distance education

Fears about the proper disposition of the student from home or that the teachers will not use the appropriate technological tools for the learning to be fruitful.  

The fact is that obstacles have been overcome. Therefore, distance learning in 2021 is an excellent option if you want to advance your university studies. Let's briefly look at some of the advantages: 

Advantages of distance education

La long distance education It is designed largely for your comfort. The first thing you probably think of is that you will not have to leave the house. That can help you if, for example, you live far away and need to take public transport in a half-hour or more journey.

With the long distance education You not only save time but you do not pay for such transportation. These are the most obvious advantages, but we could add the following (Aulaplaneta, nd; Iberdrola, nd):

  • Many programs have flexible hours, that is, you will take the class when and where it suits you. You will not necessarily have to be at home. Therefore, you can enjoy other study spaces such as libraries or cafes.
  • Collaborative dynamic creation: this is one of the most interesting parts of the long distance education. You will be able to use chats, forums and social networks to be in contact with your classmates and discuss matters of the subject. Even teachers use these means to solve doubts. In addition, the use of email is essential.
  • Study from anywhere in the world: you will no longer have to travel to the country where you take the program. This is one of the main advantages. So you can get a degree from a prestigious university without leaving home.
  • Current content: all class material is digital and is constantly updated. This will allow you not only to train with the best educational material, but also with the most recent knowledge produced by the most reputable researchers and companies worldwide.

Challenges of distance education

For students there are great challenges. You should know the new platforms, which fortunately are quite intuitive. Exploring all its benefits will make your experience more enriching. You can even create a close collaboration between students, and also with the teacher.

It is also essential that you have a different level of responsibility than that of the face-to-face class. The freedom and flexibility of this teaching model comes with the responsibility of meeting agreed times.

The advantage of not always having to be in one place at a certain time comes with the responsibility of studying and doing homework at other times.

Factors such as good internet connectivity, adapting curricula and training teachers in digital education are other challenges of the long distance education.

What career to study at a distance ?: careers of the future

For the next few years it will be a success if you choose the long distance education. Not only because of the aforementioned facilities, but because there are really very complete programs in highly reputable institutions. These are some of the careers of the future (Platania, 2021):

Business Management

This career is currently one of the preferred by large companies. As an administrator you will be able to carry out organizational diagnosis or market research. You will even be able to create your own business. At Intec you can study this program.

Marketing and digital business

The coronavirus crisis triggered this profession as one of the most in demand. These professionals have to design strategies to improve sales and grow internationally.

The marketing professional has a solid, comprehensive and multidisciplinary training. This allows you to execute projects using new technologies. He works on brand strategy, product development and advertising. It is another race of long distance education that you can study at INTEC.

Software Engineering

It is one of the degrees with the most job opportunities currently. This professional is in vogue because mobile technology and the digitization of thousands of companies make it essential to produce new products.

He is the one who investigates and develops objects that make life easier. They help users and companies to be closer and the tastes and preferences of the former are attended to. Take this career remotely at Intec

Technical career in solar energy

Finally, it is good that you take into account some technical careers with the possibility of studying at a distance. Climate change has produced catastrophes all over the world, which is why caring for the planet is a necessity today.

The solar energy technician will be the one who provides solutions so that clean and renewable energy becomes widespread. Both this and the wind energy technician will be key to a future in which companies will be concerned about reducing their carbon footprint and impacting the environment as little as possible.

We have presented you the advantages of long distance education and which are the most demanded both in the world and in the Dominican Republic. If before choosing a career, or parallel to it, you want to advance a distance course, there are also multiple options.

A course can help you enter a specific field of your career. It will give you more precise tools to face future challenges. The advantage of choosing a distance course is the low cost. So now you know: preparing and learning what you like best is just a click away. A new world awaits you!

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