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INTEC - Vocational test: everything you need to know to choose a career

Why can taking a vocational test be used to choose a career?

After finishing school, one of the great decisions of your life comes: choosing a profession. Perhaps you are leaning toward careers related to subjects you were passionate about in high school. To make a good decision, the best thing is a vocational test.

Why can taking a vocational test be used to choose a career?

After finishing school, one of the great decisions of your life comes: choosing a profession. Perhaps you are leaning toward careers related to subjects you were passionate about in high school. To make a good decision, the best thing is a vocational test.

What is a vocational test?

Making decisions in life often requires advice. And choosing a career is one of the momentous decisions in youth. Why? A university degree will be one that will allow you to acquire knowledge with which you will achieve professional and personal fulfillment.

El vocational test It will help you make the decision, as it will allow you to reflect on your abilities, tastes and aptitudes. In addition, it allows you to recognize those areas that you like the most to decide which career is best suited to you (Universia, 2012).

However, keep in mind that the results are not final. That is, they are an important reference at the time of your choice, but not for that reason you should rule out other options. It is important to listen to advice from family, friends, teachers. That and the vocational test, will be decisive in choosing your profession.

What is the vocational test for?

When you have doubts and uncertainties about the future, you ask others what is the best. It is normal. So you can see the vocational test like that way of exploring yourself and finding the way to go after school.

Why is it important when choosing your university career? The test helps you discover your trends and how much you can adapt to a work area according to your skills.

In general, the test will evaluate specific aspects such as (Viaedu, 2019):

  • Interests: here you evaluate what interests you the most. That is, the activities that you are most passionate about. For example, if you like art, animals, living in the country or not.
  • Skills: This aptitude test measures the abilities you have to perform certain activities. You can have them from a young age or also develop them over the years and continuous practice. They can be social skills (group work) or technical (working with computers, dexterity with hands, etc.).
  • Personality: your personality can be of great importance when choosing your profession. It is a psychological test about your tastes, your character, how you respond to certain stimuli. Ultimately, your emotions and tendencies can give you clues as to which career is best suited.

    Those who enjoy working outdoors are better suited to careers. Those who are passionate about creating and art will have an affinity for professions related to the humanities.
  • Ways of learning: refers to how you receive, think and analyze the information you receive.

Benefits of doing it

conduct a vocational test it has several advantages. It is an effective tool to help you decide your future in the best possible way. Don't forget that one of the most important things in life is working on what you love.

The objective of the test is to know how to fit in certain work scenarios according to your tastes and interests. These are the most outstanding benefits:

  • It will allow you to have more clarity about the jobs that suit you.
  • They can be used to see options that you had not yet contemplated.
  • Many are free and easy to solve.
  • It is a tool to fill you with security. A good choice from the beginning will guarantee you to open yourself to the labor field faster to achieve your goals and dreams.

Platforms to carry out vocational tests

Fortunately, the internet today provides thousands of tools to make life easier for students. It does not matter if you have not finished school or if you do it because you are passionate about a subject and want to know what careers are coupled with it. The vocational test will help you at any time.

In fact, the ones that we will recommend are online and free, so it doesn't hurt if you want to do more than one test. It is your decision and you can feel free and at ease if you want more than one opinion. These are some of the most reliable platforms (Fundación CYD, 2020; Universia, 2020):

  • it is a free vocational test. Has so much generic tests as specific. The platform helps you to know in which areas you stand out the most and thus define possible careers.
    The advantage is that if you already have a discipline that you like, you can take a test in Exact Sciences and then take specific tests in chemistry or mathematics.
  • Psychotechnical: it is a very simple test prepared by professionals in psychology. A tool used both to help young people like you to make the best decision as well as large companies in personnel selection processes. It's free and delves into your personality. Do you dare to do what?
  • Free test: to make the right decision, this vocational test may be a ally. It is free and in it you will find questions about your tastes, areas that you are passionate about (physics, biology, art), topics to talk with friends, etc.
  • Universia: it is one of the most recognized educational portals. It puts at your disposal its vocational test price quotation. To access it you have to register, because it has the facility to do it in several sessions according to your time availability. Go ahead and discover the career of your dreams!

Tips or advice to perform the test

First of all, we recommend that you take the vocational test as an aid. That is, do not panic or stress about what it may throw up as a result. Also, if any aspect of the result makes you uncomfortable, don't feel pressured. Think how positive that orientation can be for you.

Take what interests you most at the end and keep it in mind to make the final decision. Also keep these brief tips in mind when taking the test:

  • Find a comfortable and welcoming place and, where possible, where you can concentrate. Avoid places that generate noise or distraction.
  • Read each question well.
  • Do not attend to negative thoughts during the test. Put them aside, feel comfortable, think that your answers will be the best because you respond according to how you live and feel the world.
  • Answer honestly, just as you would if your best friend asked you. Remember that there are no good or bad answers, only answers that will give you a guide for the future.

We have already done an in-depth review of what the vocational test and how it can contribute to your future election. Choosing a profession is easier if you opt for one of these tools. You make your life easier and you choose wisely.

Believe in yourself and your skills, make a vocational test to reaffirm that passion and take the first step to success.

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