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Assertive communication for the success of your venture

intro_-_Know_the_importancia_de_la_comunicacio%CC%81n_asertiva_para_que_su_emprendimiento_prospere-0bb63178 Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Assertive communication for the success of your venture

Know what is assertive communication and apply it in your business

Clear and effective communication is required in all work. This will lead to achieving the objectives of each company. If yours is entrepreneurship, it will be ideal for you to know what is assertive communication.

Tips for implementing assertive communication in your venture

Clear and effective communication is required in all work. This will lead to achieving the objectives of each company. If yours is entrepreneurship, it will be ideal for you to know what is assertive communication.

Why? Knowing it and implementing it in your own business will see how relationships with customers flow better. You will also know how to handle all kinds of situations in a calm and leisurely way. Let's start with the definitions.

What is the assertive communication?

La assertive communication It is a way of expressing ideas, feelings and opinions in a calm, honest and respectful way, making the message clear (Pacheco, 2020).

The objective is to ensure that our rights are valid, properly handling conflicts. In the assertive communication it seeks to conduct the negotiations in the best way. It is possible to demonstrate skills in different contexts, which favors decision-making (Pacheco, 2020).

You will wonder if putting it into practice will help your endeavor. The answer is yes. Let's see how it works.

Advantages of assertive communication for your business

Something that every entrepreneur should be clear about is knowing where they are going and what they want to achieve. If you develop the assertive communication Not only will you have clear objectives, you will also know how far you can go by setting real goals. And, of course, they can be fulfilled in the stipulated time (Martín-Nieto, nd).

This type of communication It will also give you tools to face possible attacks from competitors. Likewise, peace of mind when facing meetings with investors and the media.

Tips to implement it in your business

Following appropriate behavior models for the business environment is the purpose of the assertive communication. Therefore, it is essential to apply the basics of its definition: recognize your rights, express your feelings and emotions. In addition, knowing how to say "no" without guilt, accept the decisions of others and establish priorities.

Trust with customers

Confidence increases closeness. Your business must build trust with your customers. You can use social media to communicate with them. Listen to them, read their comments and suggestions. Take into account that at least 51% of buyers place great importance on trust with the seller (Gasbarrino, 2020).

Acknowledge your feelings

Sometimes you may feel like you can't make yourself understood. This can generate doubts or dissatisfaction. Do not be carried away by anguish. Write down each thought and you will see that you can improve on the assertive communication.

It is best to evaluate which actions were rational and which were more irrational. With this clear, when you talk to customers again, you will have more control over what to say (Gasbarrino, 2020).

Be assertive: don't be afraid to say "no"

This is a very important factor for the success of your business, as it can avoid wasting time or creating false expectations. There are times when it is necessary to say "no" to a client's proposal.

Maybe you want a discount, raise a project or simply suggest something that does not convince you. The main thing when saying "no" is that you do not blame him.

Sometimes, in order not to abuse in this way, you can take the conversation to other topics and thus respond later. With this, he avoids going against his will (Gasbarrino, 2020).

Improve body communication

The bodies speak: a posture, a gesture. For this reason, we advise you to pay attention to your posture and relax your facial expressions. A body that is calm and relaxed will be able to handle stressful situations in meetings or meetings.

Speak in the first person and propose changes

Apply the assertive communication carries security. It is not the same to say “we can help you” to “I can help you and give you the best solution”. When you use the "I", you empower your business.

Likewise, when you speak in the first person tell the client that, in addition to helping him, he will make a rather tempting proposal. If you have detected a flaw in a company and you can correct it, point out the flaw to your client and tell them why what you propose will give you the best results (Gasbarrino, 2020).

Benefits of assertive communication for entrepreneurs

Managing emotions correctly will help your business in key negotiation moments. This is the purpose of the assertive communication. After applying it, you will see benefits such as (Dafne, 2019):

  • An effective communication, avoiding contradictions.
  • Greater confidence.
  • Acceptance of criticism: ability to value and grow.
  • Improve self-image, thereby increasing your emotional intelligence.

With this journey through different aspects of the assertive communication you already have tools to apply it in your business. Remember the fundamental role of managing emotions and how you can harness them for business success.

Believe in your personal brand, bet on it, you will surely have a lot to contribute to society. Confidence and discipline will make the journey rewarding.

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