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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Marketing and Digital Business

Marketing and Digital Business

He is a professional with excellent academic training, with a vision of continuous innovation and entrepreneurship, making a difference in the areas he develops, with a solid formation in Web-based Marketing strategies. It has a comprehensive and multidisciplinary training with the ability to adapt and respond to various needs of the organization and / or execution of projects with the implementation of scientific knowledge and use of new technologies.


In the career of Marketing and Electronic Business, professionals are developed with a set of knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and values ​​that allows them to be a leader in the marketing areas of a national, international company or undertaking their own business, with a global perspective of competitive environments, being able to meet the expectations of different audiences of interest, creating new ways of doing business and modifying existing products with an ethical vision and adding value, relying on current technologies.

Where can you start?

The graduate of the career of Marketing and Electronic Business, may work in the areas of Marketing and Business of national or multinational companies of different economic sectors and / or in the development of their professional project.


  • Product development
  • Brand strategies
  • Advertising and integral communication of marketing
  • Public relations
  • Customer service and attention
  • Strategic planning of sales and marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Positions


  • He communicates effectively to interact in his professional context.
  • Demonstrates openness towards constructive criticism and recognition of continuous improvement of commercial management and personal brand.
  • Apply the knowledge of the administrative process of investigation, planning, organization, execution, direction and control.
  • Applies networking strategies to capture and satisfy consumer expectations.
  • Design, implement and evaluate the strategic market plan, oriented to the satisfaction of the consumer by applying the profit or expected profitability filters.
  • Prepares, submits and manages commercial budgets in order to have the resources required to carry out the action plans of its management.
  • Prepares, distributes, and evaluates sales projection to the different distribution channels of the product / service in order to ensure the results of the marketing plan.
  • Defines, manages and monitors communication strategies aimed at publicizing the product, service or brand that manages.
  • Defines guidelines and monitors market research initiatives in order to have up-to-date market intelligence information for decision making.
  • Design and evaluate new projects based on electronic platforms in order to optimize resources and / or reach new markets.


    Flexibility in your curriculum, which allows you to select elective subjects to choose a concentration in the business area of ​​your interest, in order to expand your skills in a bachelor program in 3 years.

    The marketing professional graduated from INTEC, will develop the skills and abilities required to define and implement marketing strategies in compliance with the commercial guideline in the field of development and understanding of the market with a holistic vision attached to the values ​​of Excellence, Scientific Rigor , Social Responsibility, Solidarity, Continuous Innovation, Integrity and Respect for Diversity.
  • Internationalization

    Through the Mobility program you can take specialized courses of your career during one or two quarters in one of the 150 universities in 4 continents.

    The marketing and electronic business career is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Bussines Education (IACBE), which implies a commitment to the culture of self-evaluation, credibility, transparency in the community, continuous improvement and openness to international agreements that open doors for university mobility of students and teachers worldwide.


INTEC has received specialized accreditation for its Economics and Business programs, through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. UU

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Marketing and Digital Business



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