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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Bachelor in Commercial Engineering

Bachelor in Commercial Engineering

You will be a professional in the business area trained to design the future of an organization, respond to new demands and challenges contributing to the success of the company through the achievement of the goals and objectives proposed - always acting with ethical criteria and human training to the making of labor decisions.

Why Commercial Engineering?

As a commercial engineer, you will be prepared to work in any organization performing the managerial and leadership functions demanded by a wide variety of organizations, both public and private, with a high entrepreneur spirit, service vocation and a proactive attitude.

Where can you start?

The graduates of this career have the opportunity to develop in different organizations, public and private sectors of the industry and services, such as banks, business consulting companies, regulatory bodies and corporate areas, planning, sales, finance and human resources , of any entity of this type.


  • General Manager
  • Business Unit Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Commercial manager
  • Independent consultant for business and human resources
  • Teacher of the business and marketing area.
  • Commercial Management Assistant
  • Business Consulting Assistant
  • Assistant in the human resources or finance department
  • Credit officer
  • Account Officer


  • Develop and implement strategies to increase the efficiency and productive capacity of organizations and people.
  • Investigate, formulate, anticipate and understand changes in the business environment, identifying opportunities in the social, economic and technological environment.
  • Act always with ethical criteria and human training for making work decisions.
  • Promote quality and continuous improvement, through the application of innovation and technology, with a focus on optimizing processes and increasing productivity.
  • Direct work teams efficiently.
  • Assume positions related to the performance of functions within the companies, such as: HR Manager, Commercial Manager, supervisor, among others.
  • Design and apply proposals for the optimization of the services offered.
  • Contribute to human resources possess the organizational culture consistent with the mission, vision and values ​​adopted by the organization, within a suitable working environment for the achievement of the goals of the company.


    The Business Engineering study program presents you with the possibility of choosing a concentration through the block of professional electives, which offer the student the opportunity to expand their knowledge and specialize in the area of ​​greatest interest.

    INTEC's commercial engineering graduate is a professional whose solid formation in his area of ​​specialization and in other related areas, allows him, in a versatile way, to dedicate himself to the exercise of his profession in different fields of application that includes, among others, the academic and business.

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