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You will be a professional with excellent academic training, with freedom of thought, high professional competitiveness and critical spirit, which will allow you to successfully perform both in the public sector and in the private sector. You will have a solid background in economic theory, analytical tools, mastery of finance, humanistic vision and social commitment. You have the ability to understand major economic problems from an interdisciplinary perspective, in an interconnected and global world. You have the strength to develop your potential at a public, company and individual level, recognizing that we live in a society whose search for integral development manifests itself in various institutional instances and in everyday life.


This career offers you a special opportunity to understand the modern world from an integral perspective. The economist develops the necessary competences in the field of behavioral theory of the social, economic, public and business policy variables, which are useful for applying the best practices in private businesses or in the good performance of state institutions or non-governmental organizations. national or international governmental An economist always has opportunities for good jobs and has the skills and mastery of practical tools, as well as the skills and attitudes for entrepreneurship and business management.

Where can you start?

An economist graduated from INTEC is always an appreciated piece in the labor world of the most specialized institutions in the governmental sphere at the level of different ministries that develop national or sectoral public policies, superintendencies, general or sectorial directions. An economist can successfully venture into non-governmental research, academic, social or business spaces for management of financial returns, private service companies or the generation of goods. The professional of the economy in the financial sector, in the multinational corporations and the multilateral organisms is very appreciated. Also in the case of the professional who wants to start his own business, the economics curriculum allows him to understand the functioning of the markets, the administration and formulation of projects, to have accounting and financial tools, and to possess the skills and attitudes for a good business management.


  • Financials
  • Design and execution of public policies
  • Projection of financial and investment returns
  • Formulation and execution of projects and budgets
  • Database management and risk analysis
  • Academic or business research
  • Analysis of systemic risks or price behavior
  • Analysis of markets or international or monetary variables
  • Use of tools or applications for futures projections in volatile markets
  • In science in the most diverse areas of expectations
  • The behavior of consumer behavior or global economic and political trends.


  • Applies scientific principles for the interpretation and interaction with society in a context of globalization, plurality, academic rigor and freedom of thought.
  • It uses and implements the instruments, techniques and applications of economic theory, statistics, mathematical models, econometrics and economic policy, with their scope and implications.
  • Design and evaluate public policies in order to determine their impact on society in relation to inflation, unemployment, economic development and wealth distribution, in accordance with national and international parameters.
  • Design, implement and evaluate development and research projects following the parameters and quality standards in force at local and global level.
  • It manifests permanently a concern to understand the functioning of markets and its close link with the psychology of individuals and society.
  • Manages specialized databases for the development of projections of economic and social variables.


    The Economics study program offers you the opportunity to select elective subjects to choose one of our concentrations in the area that is of most interest to you in the career, in order to expand your knowledge and expand your skills as a professional.

    The INTEC economics graduate is a professional whose solid training in his area of ​​specialization and in other related areas, allows him, in a versatile way, to dedicate himself to the exercise of his profession in different fields of application that includes, among others, the academic and business; advantageously using their knowledge in universities, government organizations and firms engaged in production, such as the marketing of goods and services.

    The Economics degree is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Bussines Education (IACBE), which implies a commitment to the culture of self-evaluation, credibility, transparency in the community, continuous improvement and openness to international agreements that open doors for mobility University of students and teachers worldwide.


INTEC has received specialized accreditation for its Economics and Business programs, through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. UU

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