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Accounting and Financial Analytics

Accounting and Financial Analytics

He is an integral training professional, with the capacity to perform both in accounting and auditing functions, as well as in financial planning for the solution to complex problems. His ethical and social commitment training allows him to analyze, interpret and make decisions with a holistic vision, aimed at obtaining efficient results.

The graduate of this program demonstrates teamwork skills, management of data analysis techniques, tools and new technologies for professional practice, as well as the skills and attitudes to undertake projects and integrate national and international organizations linked to the financial areas


The objective of the Accounting and Financial Analytics career is to develop leading professionals capable of producing, analyzing and communicating financial information, which allows companies or organizations to make timely economic decisions for risk mitigation, sustainability and profitability. It aims at the training of graduates based on excellence, with innovative thinking and with an ethical sense applied to business. Likewise, this career aims to promote the development of knowledge and research in accounting, to contribute to the study and continuous improvement of the career in the country.


The graduate of the Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Analytics, may work in the financial areas of private or public institutions, as well as non-profit organizations, consulting and auditing firms; or any other entity that requires financial control and accounting monitoring of its economic transactions.


He may perform managerial, middle and / or technical leadership functions in the following areas: General Accounting and Auditing, Taxation, Financial and Budgetary Management, Financial and Risk Analysis, among others.


  • Understands and applies accounting standards and principles generally accepted in business transactions, with ethical sense and social responsibility.
  • Analyze and interpret financial information for decision making in the organization.
  • Demonstrates skills for the use of technological tools in the field of accounting for the analysis and review of the economic-financial information of the company.
  • Apply techniques in determining costs, in order to prepare budgets and measure the performance of a business unit accurately.
  • Develop leadership skills in order to achieve excellent communication and good teamwork results.
  • Undertake new projects and / or integrate national and international organizations linked to financial areas.
  • Organizes, develops and participates in multidisciplinary teams for the execution of integral audits and control systems for different types of organizations and companies.
  • Understands and applies the tax regulations established by the state and makes recommendations that add value to the management of taxes in the organization.
  • It generates and strengthens strategies to make accounting management and financial control efficient, integrating innovations into the company or organization in which it works.


    Through the Institutional Mobility program, you can take specialized courses of your career for one or two quarters in one of the universities with which we have agreements in 4 continents.

    Our graduates are trained in the general aspects of each business discipline and with the ethical and responsibility values ​​that make the accountant a professional of recognition and public faith. The INTEC graduate is a professional capable of applying his knowledge to solve business problems and contribute with quality to decision-making in organizations. It has the necessary skills to evaluate internal management and control systems, guarantee quality and efficiency in business, social, economic, tax and related areas. In addition to this, he is trained to efficiently manage ICT and specialized software as practical tools for analysis, design, research and communication in the work area.

    The Accounting and Financial Analytics degree is accredited by the “International Assembly for Collegiate Bussines Education (IACBE), which implies a commitment to the culture of self-assessment, credibility, transparency before the community, continuous improvement and opening to international agreements that open doors for the university mobility of students and teachers worldwide.



INTEC has received specialized accreditation for its Economics and Business programs, through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. UU

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Accounting and Financial Analytics



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