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Commercial Communication and Advertising

Commercial Communication and Advertising

You will be a comprehensive professional, characterized by having a creative and innovative thinking, based on a constant update on the way of life and consumption of people and a clear understanding of how effective communication with consumer groups at levels rational and emotional is the critical piece that concretizes the marketing strategy. You will have the ability to use art and technology in its many expressions to solve business challenges and you will be a person who measures the importance of commercial communication in the development of the global economy and in the individual life of the people to whom it is addressed.

Why Commercial Communication and Advertising?

The degree in Commercial Communication and Advertising is aimed at training highly competent professionals to manage brands from a superior standard, with a high focus on originality and relevance; with a transforming spirit, ethical sense, vocation of service and a proactive attitude. A professional capable of understanding and challenging the realities of the local and global market, enabled to build brands, experiences and relationships that accelerate the holistic development of society, not only in its local context but as part of a global market.

Where can you start?

As a graduate of the degree you will be able to work in the communication companies sector (communication strategy consulting companies, media centers, advertising agencies, creative boutiques, design studios, digital agencies, branding agencies), the services sector and the industry in general (marketing departments, communication and public relations departments, communication divisions of public or private organizations) and in the Innovation and Development Sector (start-up companies, satellite organizations dedicated to the creation of innovative ideas), among others.


  • Manager, Director of advertising agencies and / or commercial communication in any of its branches.
  • Creative business and related positions such as copywriter, graphic designer.
  • Strategist of brands and communication.
  • Executive manager of communication projects for personalities or commercial brands.
  • Executive of media.
  • Executive in marketing and communication departments of companies of diverse nature, both public and private.
  • Creative technician, producer and / or producer of ideas and audiovisual content, graphic arts.
  • Start your own business in any of the areas mentioned.


  • Ability to act efficiently in different business and national cultures of the most influential countries in the field of communication and digital media
  • High capacity to develop leadership, allowing you to be an agent of change and innovation, anywhere in the world.
  • Extensive knowledge and performance in areas such as interpersonal, mass communication, audiovisual creation and production, graphic design applicable to various platforms, social and cultural research, popular culture, content distribution in an organic and paid way.
  • Management of the different softwares used for the creation, production, edition and post production of audio, video and animated graphics projects.
  • Design of creative and innovative communication proposals.


    As a student of Commercial Communication and Advertising at INTEC, you will find a stimulating environment for learning, where you will have the necessary resources to facilitate understanding of concepts and test your ideas. In addition, you will have the support and accompaniment of a faculty with specialized studies from various universities in the world and in the main areas of the career, and with a great experience of work accumulated in the implementation of projects in national and international companies. Entering INTEC you will begin your journey to achieve a comprehensive preparation, enhancing your skills, values ​​and attitudes for success as a professional and obtaining solid knowledge that will allow you to master emerging technologies.



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Jesus Bastardo Cordero, MsC

Degree Coordinator

Cristian Cohen, M.Ed

Academic coordinator