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Business Administration

Business Administration

You are a professional with the skills required to face the challenges and challenges of organizations in a global environment. You have leadership in addition to solid values ​​of corporate social responsibility, and have the creativity and spirit necessary to undertake your own business project.


As a Bachelor of Administration, you are prepared to work in any organization performing the managerial and leadership functions, with the ability to perform organizational diagnosis, economic environment, market research and design of various strategies depending on the interests of the company. Likewise, you can create from scratch a company or business, with an entrepreneur vision under a changing and competitive environment.

Where can you start?

As a graduate of this career you have the opportunity to develop in different organizations, public and private sectors of the industry and services, such as banks, business consulting companies, regulatory bodies and corporate areas, planning, sales, finance and human resources , of any entity of this type.


  • Administration
  • Financials
  • Human capital
  • Planning
  • Budget
  • Account recievables and account payables or credit and payments
  • Service Management


  • Analyze, synthesize and manage information in order to make efficient and effective decisions for the strategic planning of the company.
  • Design and execute improvement projects aimed at the proper distribution of a company's resources.
  • Organizes, develops and participates in multidisciplinary teams for the implementation implementation and control of the strategic planning of the company.
  • Performs the strategic planning of human resources and all related activities (recruitment, compensation, personnel evaluation, etc.) according to the characteristics, resources and needs of the organization or determined company.
  • Manages principles and strategies related to counseling and coaching, as well as other ethical and legal aspects in order to favor labor relations from human resources within the company or organization.
  • Master the legal bases, standards and regulations in force for the management and efficient solution of conflicts in the business or labor sector.
  • Evaluates and interprets information, especially of an administrative nature, with the purpose of advising the management of companies, organizations and individuals in decision making, based on current national and international parameters.
  • Demonstrates leadership skills and attitude that facilitate the achievement of organizational objectives, with an ethical vision and social responsibility.


    The Business Administration and Management studies program offers you the opportunity to select elective subjects to choose one of our concentrations in the area that is of most interest to you in the career, in order to expand your knowledge and expand your skills as professional.

    The graduate of administration and business management of INTEC, is a professional whose solid formation in his area of ​​specialization and in other related areas, allow him, in a versatile way, to dedicate himself to the exercise of his profession in different fields of application that includes, among others, analyze an organizational structure, diagnose the situation of an organization and apply relevant measures, create and develop one or several companies, develop strategies that integrate people, technical and financial resources, conduct business development projects, apply the concepts of strategic management in an organization, apply the relevant technologies in their professional field and intervene effectively in an organization and form business networks that allow them to compete in a globalized world.

    The Business Administration and Management career is accredited by the "International Assembly for Collegiate Bussines Education (IACBE), which implies a commitment to the culture of self-evaluation, credibility, transparency in the community, continuous improvement and openness to international agreements that open doors for university mobility of students and teachers worldwide.

INTEC has received specialized accreditation for its Economics and Business programs, through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. UU

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Business Administration



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