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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

It is a profession that includes thermodynamics, thermal science, fluid mechanics and turbo machines, as well as the design of machines in their entirety and elements that integrate it. Similarly, it focuses on the area of ​​air conditioning and refrigeration, and the selection of engineering materials and transformation processes for the automation of mechanical and energy systems.

That said, the practice of Mechanical Engineering requires great capacity for analysis and solution of problems in conventional and alternative energy generation and distribution systems, as well as for the design of machinery components or new products. Knowing the new technologies and their application to the production of optimized solutions for use in the race.

Why Mechatronics Engineering?

This career pursues the training of professionals who can perform in the industry and in other institutions in which knowledge related to the design, installation and operational improvement of integrated systems by equipment, materials and people is required. It also covers the study and continuous improvement of the various productive systems of goods and services.

Where can you start?

  • Medical device industry
  • Food industry
  • Refineries
  • Textile Companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Construction
  • Heavy machinery factories
  • Gas and fluid companies


  • Consultancy.
  • Research for the management of adequate technology for its application in the different industrial, commercial and agricultural processes.
  • Supervision of the construction process of mechanical facilities so that they are executed according to the specifications, codes, norms established.
  • Analysis and design of machinery or products.
  • Supervision and management of industrial production plants.
  • Project management in your area.
  • Maintenance.


  • Identify, formulate and solve complex computer problems, applying knowledge of science, mathematics and engineering.
  • It communicates effectively with a variety of audiences.
  • It works effectively in teams whose members together provide leadership, create a collaborative and inclusive environment, set goals, plan tasks and meet objectives.
  • Develops and conducts appropriate experimentation, analyzes and interprets data, as well as uses engineering criteria to draw conclusions that lead to incident resolution, decision making and learning.
  • Acquire and apply new knowledge using appropriate learning strategies.
  • Values ​​social and cultural diversity in global contexts that promote collaborative and inclusive environments of productivity, sustainable development and peaceful coexistence.


    • Its teaching system is quarterly which allows you to graduate in less time than in any other university in the Dominican Republic.
    • Careers have a modular structure that allow students and teachers of different careers to work interdisciplinary projects.
    • INTEC prepares you to become part of a professional world that is increasingly competitive and demanding. With the help of compromised lecturers committed to excellence and innovation in learning and teaching methodologies.
    • You will discover new careers and approaches and apply your knowledge in more than 50 laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
    • You will learn to be more independent and develop your interests in different fields taking advantage of our offer of artistic, sports and cultural activities.
  • Internationalization

    '' INTEC / WMU: 2 + 2 '' is a study modality where the option of annual income to this program is offered every August (1). Students admitted to the programs included in the '' 2 + 2 '' will have an automatic provisional admission in WMU. During their training cycle at INTEC, they will receive the necessary advice and follow-up to comply with the requirements demanded by said university. Upon successful completion of the first two years, they will automatically enter the chosen career at the foreign university. The academic degree will be issued by Westeren Michigan University and by INTEC, thus obtaining a double degree.

Description of the program



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