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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

computer's science

computer's science

The Computer Science program is designed to fulfill two fundamental objectives: first, prepare the student to enter the labor market quickly after graduating and, second, provide a solid computer training for those who wish to obtain an advanced degree.

It is important to note that there are numerous job opportunities for students who complete the specialization in Computer Science at SMSU, since an 99% of graduates find employment in the area, or they continue their education with specializations according to their area of interest. Its specialized program provides the necessary tools so that graduates can work out in the labor market.

That said, the field of Computer Science is among the top occupations nationally and internationally in terms of the largest number of current vacancies, the highest rate of growth in the number of vacancies and the highest initial salaries.

Why Computer Science?

The career of Computer Science is one of the most requested in the current job market and one of the best paid. This is because the digital age gives way to complex problems to solve in all industries. Many of the solutions can be found through research and computer science with the creation of various tools such as software and applications.

Likewise, the career of Computer Science focuses its attention on the development of mathematical models, algorithms and the formal logic of processes that can be applied in mechanical and electronic devices, especially in computer processes. That is, it is based on the study of algorithms, computer theories, compilers, operating systems, artificial intelligence and hardware design.

Where can you start?

  • Computer components manufacturing industry
  • Technological solutions companies
  • In the IT areas of project management and databases
  • Industries related to robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Financial services providers
  • Companies dedicated to research
  • Software and Computing Companies

How can you work?

  • Management of computer projects
  • Development of innovative web and mobile applications
  • Database administrator
  • Computerized Systems Analyst
  • IT Security Analyst
  • Computer network architect
  • Software developer
  • Design, develop and test computer components, such as circuit boards, routers and memory devices (Computer Hardware Engineer)
  • IT Manager and Information Systems


  • Great ability to anticipate and diagnose problems related to the areas of Technology.
  • Analysis, organization and classification of a large amount of information, such as databases of various categories.
  • Excellent mathematical, computer, and technological skills.
  • Systematic approach to work and problem solving.
  • Use of algorithms to solve problems.
  • Detailed knowledge of computer systems.
  • Express ideas in a logical and clear manner.
  • Work ethically and responsibly.


    • Its teaching system is quarterly which allows you to graduate in less time than in any other university in the Dominican Republic.
    • Careers have a modular structure that allow students and teachers of different careers to work interdisciplinary projects.
    • INTEC prepares you to insert yourself in an increasingly competitive and demanding professional world. With the accompaniment of teachers committed to excellence and innovation in their learning and teaching methodologies.
    • You will discover new careers and approaches and apply your knowledge in more than 50 laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
    • You will learn to be more independent and develop your interests in different fields taking advantage of our offer of artistic, sports and cultural activities.
  • Internationalization

    "INTEC / SMSU: 2 + 2" starts from April 2019, with the option of annual admission to this program every August (1). Students admitted to the programs included in the '' 2 + 2 '' will have an automatic provisional admission at SMSU.

    During their training cycle at INTEC, they will receive the necessary advice and follow-up to meet the requirements demanded by said university. Upon successful completion of the first two years, they will automatically enter their chosen career. The academic title will be issued by Southwest Minnesota State University and INTEC, thus obtaining a double degree.

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France Mejía

Level Coordinator

Tulio Rodríguez

Coordinator of International Engineering Programs