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Doctorate in Engineering and Science Applied to Structural, Geotechnics and Manufacturing (PhD)

Doctorate in Engineering and Science Applied to Structural, Geotechnics and Manufacturing (PhD)

  • Presentation

    Professionals with a Doctorate in Philosophy in Engineering and Applied Sciences contribute to the field of Engineering through the development and design of independent research with a multidisciplinary approach. These investigations constitute a contribution to the scientific or technological area of ​​study. In addition, they promote the link with manufacturing, services, government or educational sectors, through the development of initiatives with a view to technological advancement.

  • Curricula

    The program offers research related to the areas of Manufacturing, Geotechnics and Structural.

    Manufacturing Engineering Sciences

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    Geotechnical Engineering Sciences

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    Engineering Sciences Structure

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  • Main and complementary area of ​​study

    The PhD in Engineering and Applied Sciences (Ph.D.) offers a main area of ​​studies focused on Engineering and a complementary area focused on Applied Sciences. Candidates for the doctoral program may choose one of the following main areas of study:

    • Civil Engineering / Geotechnics
    • Manufacturing Engineering
    • Civil Engineering / Structure

    For the area of ​​Applied Sciences, candidates can choose one of the following complementary areas of study:

    • Computer Science
    • geotechnics
    • Business Administration
    • Structure
    • Courses and Credits
      • Courses Main Area (Engineering) 12
      • Complementary Area Courses (Applied Sciences) 9
      • 12 Specialization Courses
      • 6 Doctoral Seminar Courses
      • 3 Quantitative and Qualitative Methods Course
      • 0 Comprehensive Exam
      • 18 Doctoral Dissertation
      • The total credits required to complete the 60 program
  • Graduate profile

    Professionals who complete the Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering and Applied Sciences degree will contribute with innovative knowledge in their research areas, achieve the discovery of new scientific perspectives and develop new technical and professional skills. Doctoral candidates are expected to contribute and contribute through the innovation of their research to the public and private sector.

  • Academic coordination and teaching staff

    It is composed of engineers and professionals, all with doctoral degrees from universities inside and outside of Puerto Rico. In addition, teachers have research in their fields of study and vast experience in the practice of the profession.

    Laboratories and Equipment
    The laboratories are focused on the main areas of study:

    • Structures and Mechanics of Materials
    • Construction materials
    • Geotechnical Engineering
    • Environmental engineering
    • Transportation and Roads
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering Simulations
    • Computers and Networks
    • High performance computing
    • Virtual Wireless Lab for Information Security
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Quality Systems and Continuous Improvement
    • Ergonomics and Human Factors
    • Management and Operations Process Simulation
    • Lean Six Sigma
    • Engineering Materials
    • Mechatronics
    • Fluid mechanics
    • Plasma Engineering
  • Admission requirements

    1. Be professional in Engineering, Science, Economics and Business or related Areas
    2. Complete the admission form, available online at the address:
    3. Deposit in the Admissions Department the required documents and the receipt of payment of the admission application and the payment of the postgraduate admission test for doctorate level.

    For more information:

    Documents to deposit:

    1. High school GPA with minimum average of 3.00
    2. Official exam results Graduate, Record Examination (GRE)
    3. Test of purpose and research objectives
    4. Updated copy of the curriculum vitae
    5. Interview with a member of the faculty of the main research area
    6. Official Transcripts
  • Clearance

    Middle State Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

Description of the program


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