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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Software engineering

Software engineering

He is a technically diversified professional, trained in several disciplines of engineering, with knowledge, skills, attitudes and attitudes that allow him to innovate, undertake, manage and participate directly in the exploitation of computing capital of organizations. His training enables him to design and produce new technology, the improvement and adaptation of existing technology, which makes him competent to work in research and development, in this way he can establish his own technology-based company.

Why Software Engineering?

We are in the era of Digital Transformation and Software Engineering is oriented to develop the competences that allow the graduates to create and adapt requirements, information systems and applications; from its conception by the user, to its final delivery and implementation and subsequent maintenance in a feasible, profitable and reliable manner, as an appropriate solution in response to an initiative, or as the optimal solution to the needs previously identified by the client or involved .

Where can you start?

You can work in different places that use computer systems such as: software development organizations, development teams inside an institution (IT Department), as a freelancer working independently or for third parties that require their services and even building their own company as an entrepreneur.


  • Business Analyst
  • Requirements Analyst
  • Systems analyst
  • Software architect
  • Software Designer
  • Junior, senior, front-end or back-end developer
  • Quality Analyst
  • Process analyst
  • Configuration Manager
  • Implementer
  • Technical Copywriter
  • Project manager
  • Change Manager


    The software engineering study program offers you the opportunity to select elective subjects to choose one of our concentrations in the area that is of most interest to you in the career, in order to expand your knowledge and expand your skills as a professional.

    The software engineering professional graduated from INTEC, will develop the skills and abilities required for the design and production of new technologies, the improvement and adaptation of existing technology and development of applications, attached to the values ​​of Excellence, Scientific Rigor, Social Responsibility, Solidarity, Continuous Innovation, Integrity and Respect for Diversity. Our study program prepares the student to be a professional of excellence with the guarantee of being demanded in the productive sector or labor market.

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