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Systems engineer

Systems engineer

He is a professional with the skills required to carry out systematization, automation and technology integration projects, development of applications throughout his cycle, database management, administration and deployment of network platform and data communications. Applies its specialized knowledge to effectively perform the evaluation, improvement or adoption of proprietary and third-party technology solutions, manages IT projects, and conducts system audit evaluations.

Why systems engineering?

When studying this career you will be a leader and / or participant in the digital transformation and the development of technological solutions in the public, private or entrepreneurial environment. You will have the capacity to apply the knowledge of engineering for the understanding, analysis, design and effective resolution of problems making use of Information technology, guaranteeing an optimal use of human and technological resources. You can design, integrate, operate and manage components of a technological platform in a scalable manner in which you perform, applying criteria of quality, sustainability, adherence to regulations, taking care of the environment with responsibility, and with the ethical values ​​that characterize our graduates.

Where can you start?

This professional is trained to perform in a variety of organizations, such as consulting and / or providing services related to information and communication technologies. His training allows him to properly manage complex information and computing systems, coordinate multidisciplinary groups in ICT projects, as well as analyze and optimize organizational structures, as well as institutional processes and procedures.


  • Manager / Director of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Manager / Infrastructure and Networks Manager
  • Responsible for Information Security
  • IT Solutions Specialist
  • Head of Systems Departments / Applications
  • Project Manager (TIC)
  • IT Consultant / Consultant
  • Manager / Technician ICT Operations
  • DBA (Database Administrator)
  • Programmer analyst
  • Developer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Remote work


    The Systems Engineering study program offers you the opportunity to select elective subjects to choose one of our concentrations in the area that is of most interest to you in the career, in order to expand your knowledge and expand your skills as a professional.

    As a Systems Engineering student at INTEC, you will find a stimulating environment for learning, where you will have resources and laboratories to facilitate the understanding of concepts and test your ideas. In addition, you will have a better link to the productive sector and liaison with a large community of outstanding graduates of the country. We have a lively and highly aligned curriculum to the market demand and Coordination of multiple activities in which professionals participate with great leadership in the ICT ecosystem, and free access for our students.

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