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biomedical engineering

biomedical engineering

He is a professional with multidisciplinary training and scientific-technical skills to analyze and solve problems related to medicine and biology; trained to design, design, use and maintain devices, equipment and biomedical systems in health centers, hospitals, medical technology industry and research centers.

Why engineer in Biomedical?

To make viable the development and implantation of sanitary technology, and to optimize the daily management of medical equipment and systems, a new professional with a solid formation in engineering methods, a basic knowledge of biology and medicine, a specific engineering training is required. biomedical and skills to work in a multidisciplinary environment. In our country, lacking professionals in this engineering, the demand for the corresponding services and professionals are covered by other Engineers. This reality obliges many companies (especially medical centers) to make a significant investment in training, typically of a technical nature, limiting the necessary skills for the optimal use of healthcare technology and support services for medical professionals.

Where can you start?

The training in the two disciplines, engineering and medicine, enables you to coordinate interdisciplinary teams formed by both types of professionals (engineers and doctors). The Biomedical Engineers work in companies, hospitals, health centers, universities, research centers and in public administration (local, regional, national and international), related to the regulation of the use of health technology, among other places.


  • Design and production of biomedical and electromedical equipment and instruments.
  • Researcher and coordinator of bioinformatics.
  • Rehabilitation engineering (technical aids, assistance technology, orthosis and prosthesis).
  • Maintenance engineer for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry, hospitals, research centers for human, animal and plant medicine.
  • Commercial promoter of medical equipment in national or foreign companies.
  • Investor in health systems for the acquisition of biomedical technologies.
  • Advisor and consultant in committees for the acquisition of biomedical technologies and in the modernization of hospitals and rehabilitation centers.
  • Analyst in the registry and certification of medical teams and health institutions.


    The Biomedical Engineering study program offers you the opportunity to select elective subjects to choose one of our concentrations in the area that is of most interest to you in the career, in order to expand your knowledge and expand your skills as a professional.

    As a Biomedical engineering student at INTEC, you will find a stimulating environment for learning, where you will have the resources and laboratories to facilitate the understanding of concepts and test your ideas. In addition, you will have the support and accompaniment of a faculty with specialized studies from various universities in the world and in the main areas of the career, and with a great experience of work accumulated in the implementation of projects in national and international companies.
  • Exchange programs

    Through the Institutional Mobility program, you can take specialized courses of your career for one or two quarters in one of the universities with which we have agreements in 4 continents.


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