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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Industrial design

Industrial design

As an Industrial Designer, you will be responsible for the planning and development of products that will be manufactured industrially, from their conceptualization to their manufacture and sale. You will be a (one) mediator between the user, who expects to see their needs met through the products that are designed, the business and the market, which demand more efficient, profitable and competitive products.

Why industrial design?

Because through this profession you can create and improve products that will be manufactured industrially to meet human needs and improve the quality of life of people.

Where can you start?

In manufacturing industries of any type of object that is manufactured industrially; for example: furniture, footwear, household appliances, packaging, packaging, textiles, home accessories, garments and accessories, exhibitors and promotional materials, transportation, toys, medical devices, among others. You can also work in a design studio as part of an interdisciplinary team or as an independent designer, designing and developing products and / or projects for different clients.

How can you work?

  • In the design and redesign of products
  • Managing the design process and the development of new products
  • In design for manufacturing and product engineering
  • As a draftsman and modeler (a) 3D
  • In projects of architecture and ephemeral assemblies

  • Concentrations

    The Industrial Design study program offers you the possibility of choosing one of three concentrations through the block of professional electives which are: Product Design and Development Management, Visual Communication and Multimedia, and finally the concentration in Space and Environment. These concentrations offer the student the opportunity to expand their knowledge and specialize in the area of ​​greatest interest.
  • Advantages of studying in Intec

    INTEC was the first university to offer the industrial design career in the country, and it is the only one that offers a program oriented to industrial manufacturing, training the student both for the formal transformation of the objects and for the engineering of the product. We train our students in the conceptualization, development and management of products and the technical aspects of manufacturing them, combining the technological part with the development of creative skills in complementary areas such as visual communication, ergonomics, manufacturing, interiors, packaging , multimedia, among others. We train professionals whose skills allow them to insert themselves in various areas related to the design and development of products and services associated with them in the industry, being able to understand the industrial, economic and cultural reality of society from their profession, responding to their challenges.
  • Workshop and Laboratories

    Among its facilities, INTEC has an Industrial Design Workshop; a workspace equipped with furniture, machines and tools for the elaboration of models with diverse materials and rapid prototyping. Other laboratories are also available, such as Computer Science (which has digital illustration programs, 3D modeling, simulations and rendering); Industrial Processes (that counts on diverse machineries such as punching machines, CNC milling machines, welding machines, etc); Materials (where tests are carried out); Electronics and Communication; Mechatronics, among others.

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