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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Bachelor's degree in Social Communication and Digital Media

Bachelor's degree in Social Communication and Digital Media

It is a professional with comprehensive and global training, demonstrating skills to operate in any platform and spaces of communicational organization, using the most advanced technological resources, with leadership characteristics, analytical, critical and ethical thinking and with the competences to undertake, produce, innovate, implement and communicate creative content through traditional and emerging media.

Why Social Communication and Digital Media?

The information industry undergoes important transformations as a result of technological changes, new multimedia supports and the segmentation of audiences and their multiculturalism. In addition, the 21st century demands professionals capable of working in different media and digital formats, with the competences to occupy positions in different functional areas of institutions linked to the career, locally and internationally.

Where can you start?

The graduate of this career may work in the sector of communication companies: public relations consulting firms, advertising agencies, media centers, cultural industries, management companies and web content creation) sector of communication content production ( publishers, newspapers, magazines and interactive media, television networks and companies in the audiovisual sector) Sector of services and industry in general (marketing, corporate communication and public relations, communication offices of public or private organizations, local and international).


  • Director of Communication and Public Relations for public and private companies and NGOs, at local and international levels
  • Communications Consultant for institutions and people
  • Journalist, reporter, editor, chief editor and information
  • Website designer and Community Manager, creation of digital content
  • Director of media (Printed and digital newspapers, television, radio)
  • Audiovisual producer
  • Radio and television presenter and master of ceremonies
  • Entrepreneur of his own company or participant of multidisciplinary teams
  • Photographer


  • Demonstrate communication skills in written, audiovisual and digital media.
  • Dominates the different communication platforms and digital media to operate in any functional area of ​​the organization at local and international level.
  • It acts guided by values ​​and democratic principles and the defense of universal human rights in all the work of its professional practice, guaranteeing the investigation and diffusion of the contents with veracity, transparency and impartiality.
  • Shows versatility to perform in other areas related to social communication and digital media, such as: photography, audiovisual production, speech, graphic design, corporate communication, website, community manager and entertainment.
  • Master specialized and updated software in the production, editing and postproduction of audio, video and animation projects.
  • It assumes an attitude of leadership and critical thinking before the different situations that are presented to it, in the field of social communication and digital media, to provoke changes and innovations in the global context.
  • It keeps updated with the latest research, findings and innovations regarding digital media and social communication as an agent of change in the strengthening and sustainable development of society.
  • Actively participates in collaborative work teams, demonstrating respect for the diversity of talents, cultures and opinions.


    The graduate of the career develops the skills and abilities required in the labor market, attached to the values ​​of Excellence, Scientific Rigor, Social Responsibility, Solidarity, Continuous Innovation, Integrity and Respect for Diversity. Find a stimulating environment for learning, with the necessary resources, teachers and laboratories. The race has online radial space, with a TV studio, with editing and post-production rooms.



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Dr. Dalul Ordehi González


Víctor Hernández, Mgtr.

Grade level coordinator

Rosa Alcantara