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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Bachelor of Social Sciences Oriented to Secondary Education

Bachelor of Social Sciences Oriented to Secondary Education

You will be a professional trained in the different scientific disciplines applied to the social field. In addition to this, you will educate for the understanding of past and present human reality in the local and global context. You will have a critical, self-critical and proactive interaction that will allow you to build scientific and ethical tools for the necessary and urgent changes in today's society. The curricular proposal of this race crosses the diverse currents of the current social thought what will give the professor the possibility of enriching the visions and paradigms of the current youth, to use the countless possibilities of the information technologies to implement a pedagogy that enriches the citizenship and the exercise of the autonomy of the subjects.

Why Social Sciences?

This race arises to respond to the pressing need of the current world society before all the disagreements and individual and collective conflicts. The social sciences emerged to explain a society that, along with economic development, also grew in inequality and collective inequality, today social limitations continue to grow and it is urgent to find alternatives that allow peace and global coexistence and this can be achieved with knowledge.

Where can you start?

You can work in public and private secondary schools, social areas of other state institutions such as: Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Health; in the same order, the National Education system and the Caribbean and Central America Region.


  • Teacher of public and private schools of the middle level.
  • Collaborator of centers dedicated to the investigation of the population.
  • Director of educational centers.
  • Independent advisor of non-governmental organizations that require pedagogical knowledge.
  • Member of different ministries of the country.
  • Assistant in companies that are dedicated to the generation of educational material.


  • He has skills for self-regulation and self-control of his emotions.
  • He feels satisfied to work with people and especially with children and young people.
  • He has a high ethical sense, so that his thinking and acting are attached to universal principles of the value of life and people.
  • He has the ability to communicate orally and in writing in an adequate, coherent and correct manner in diverse professional contexts.
  • Understand, accept diversity in the student population, both culturally, physically, gender, skin color, social, economic; In addition, it contributes to the development of inclusive interaction spaces.
  • Understand and identify the different learning styles, interests, motivations, special educational needs and specific talents of their students, in order to design more effective teaching strategies for the development of each student.
  • Evaluates processes, achievements and quality, learning conditions of the students, taking into account their individual characteristics and the formative approach.
  • Know strategies to develop empathy among their students, to establish harmonious interpersonal relationships through effective communication and to develop skills for conflict management.
  • Develops a leadership aimed at decision making, conflict management and problem solving.
  • Know the different types of cultures that can be developed in a school and is prepared to influence the generation of a culture of respect, responsibility and trust, according to the educational project of your establishment.


    As a student of the INTEC you will find a stimulating environment for learning, where you will have the resources and laboratories to facilitate the understanding of the concepts and test your ideas. In addition, you will have the support and accompaniment of a faculty with specialized studies from various universities in the world and in the main areas of the career, and with a great experience of work accumulated in the implementation of projects in national and international companies. Entering INTEC you will begin your journey to achieve a comprehensive preparation, enhancing your skills, values ​​and attitudes for success as a professional and obtaining solid knowledge that will allow you to master emerging technologies.


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Dr. Dalul Ordehi González


Víctor Hernández, Mgtr.

Grade level coordinator