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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Bachelor of Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics and Actuarial Sciences

Bachelor of Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics and Actuarial Sciences

You will be an integral professional with an entrepreneurial capacity to successfully perform in a global world characterized by instability, risk, attention to cultural diversity and high levels of competitiveness. You will become a diversified professional, with moral rectitude, social responsibility, scientific objectivity; and the necessary knowledge to insert yourself in the company, in the industry and provide solutions that contribute to corporate solidity.

Why Bachelor of Mathematics?

As a professional in this area, you will be able to meet the need of the business sector in the absence of professionals to apply statistics in a better management of information and data. In addition, the development of national financial markets, especially the development of the Dominican Republic stock market, their interaction with global financial markets, as well as the enforcement of the Social Security Law that creates the Dominican System, have originated a great demand for these professionals, being so far, the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo, INTEC, the only institution in the Country that is forming them.

Where can you start?

The level of preparedness will allow you to be able to perform managerial, medium and / or technical functions in organizations in the areas of Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Fiduciary, Investment, Stock Exchange Commissioners, Consulting Firms, Financial Corporations, Securities Funds, Non-Governmental Organizations, Insurance and Pension Agencies, Superintendencies, risk management entities, health service providers or pension fund administrators, as well as multinationals and companies of almost any kind.


  • Data analyst
  • COO
  • Actuary
  • Quality specialist
  • Insurance specialist
  • Mathematical
  • Statistical


  • Solve problems of a mathematical nature with an emphasis on those applied to financial, technical or statistical types in savings, insurance and capitalization operations with efficiency.
  • It uses information and computer technologies in the application of actuarial science and statistics to solve problems efficiently in different contexts.
  • Participates actively in interdisciplinary groups for the preparation and implementation of studies and projects at national and international level, in the development of products, formulation of integrated business strategies in the actuarial and financial context that are appropriate.
  • Performs adequate economic valuations, both of human life and of any type of event, circumstance or event that involves risks and may affect the goods in the public sector and the private sector.
  • Proposes and applies scientific methods and procedures for the management of economic or financial risk, in order to guarantee the viability and stability of operations in different contexts.
  • Analyze the key elements of purchase, sale and valuation of bonds and stocks and investments in options and financial derivatives to give appropriate answers to problems corresponding to those elements.
  • Master the technical, legal and administrative procedures in actuarial, technical and financial audits, in order to make quick and timely decisions in the corporate processes in the actuarial field of insurance and pensions.


    The professional of this career graduated from INTEC, will develop the skills and abilities required to perform successfully in a global world performing managerial, medium and / or technical functions, attached to the values ​​of Excellence, Scientific Rigor, Social Responsibility, Solidarity, Innovation Continuous, Integrity and Respect for Diversity. Our study program prepares the student to be a professional of excellence with the guarantee of being demanded in the productive sector or labor market.


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